Monday, August 03, 2009

The Germans Are Coming!

I must admit I'm probably still slightly light headed after the old lurgy. This afternoon I ponced around the Millionaires' Playground like some latter day Charles Hawtrey, bidding all and sundry a cheery 'Oh, Hello!' This precipitated a variety of responses, ranging from the traditional Wantsum glower to the occasional blank stare.

The blank stares mainly came from mystified foreign tourists for, dear reader, we appear to be inundated with the blighters at the moment. Many indicated in broken English they were of Teutonic descent, so it was no surprise to find Ramsgate mentioned today in a blog post entitled Ein Königreich für ein Schnitzel, which roughly translates as A Kingdom for, er, a Schnitzel and is subtitled 4 Women + 4 Weeks + 1 Car = ?

Whipping out the old Collins German Dickie, the most apposite Ramsgate remarks appear to read thus:

Last night we were in Ramsgate in a pub named Port & Anchor. Rather typical pub, it was yesterday Karaoke night (no we did not sing, nobody, honestly) which was quite funny, because were many many young people there and also a few sweet Englishmen. We tried out. Anyhow we attract the Englishmen like a magnet. But they in addition, gladly dishes full alcohol spend. No notion which in the dish was, something with Vodka, has anyhow super tasted and also a little geballert, one must say. [My dickie doesn't do 'geballert' but I'm guessing it's something akin to 'a kick like a mule']

One can however really forget the English girls, it is much many much skin to see and likes it gladly rounder than narrow. Those is it no matter how much it weigh, it prefers nevertheless to be in the shortest skirts and most low-cut upper sections. No beautiful sight. Perhaps but that pleases others. To be noticeable one can dress there as a woman only either naked or with clown costume.

Yep. Pretty much sums up the Port and Anchor if you ask me!

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Paul said...

Haha Dickie, old bean, you never cease to make me chickle!

Adem said...

Good to see some people coming over for some fun. There are plenty of KSE students around but always good for people to come over on their jolies.

I think they will go back with good memories apart from the English girls...

Anonymous said...

English girls suck...if you get them drunk enough!