Monday, August 03, 2009

Cheap Thrills

Reader Monty of Margate writes, rather lugubriously:

Quite what the point of the weekend's Margate Carnival was is beyond me. Every year they bring their own food, their own drink and their own sound systems. They spend nothing in the town. This year I swear they brought their own sand.'

Hmmm. Maybe you should try getting them to bring an entire, regenerated seaside town next year Monty. And then somehow persuade them to leave it there when they head off back up the M2!


Pogs said...

Was the advertising very poor for the carnival, somehow I missed it, and only found out about it today.
Strange that, I knew about the Jazz weekend, poofters march and the Big Event. but missed the carnival, the only event that raises money for charity. Oh well there is always next year. Back to sleep

Peter Checksfield said...

I thought it was great, loved the disco / dance at The Winter Gardens afterwards too!

Anonymous said...

Is your reader getting confused with the event on the beach on the saturday, yes those welcome guest do bring a lot of their own bits and bobs (ask yourself why!) but i like to take a thermos on my visits to the capital so it all evens out. The actual carnival on the Sunday was brilliant, well done to all involved especially the Westcoast bar team who have injected some much needed var var voom into proceedings.

Anonymous said...

I missed it unfortunately as I was OOT. But as they have apparently changed the route and it no longer passes my flat, bollox!