Monday, May 18, 2009

All Quiet On The Western Front

Just back from watching my old chum and our 5th Greatest Living Thanetian Tom Hanks in Angels and Demons at the Westwood Vue and phooey! I'm not sure which stunk most - the movie or the bloke's feet behind me.

I went with my new druid chums, of course. They really are a great craic, what with their jokes about metempsychosis and witty banter on the topic of human sacrifice. Whilst most of my weekend was taken up messing about with oak and mistletoe, I did find time to stroll down to the Western Undercliff here in the M's P, and wow what a difference! Here's what it looked like in March:

And here's what it looked like yesterday:

A clear view across Pegwell Bay, all the way to the majestic cooling towers of Richborough power station. All thanks to the new, super-duper yellow signs our beloved council has erected:

Although there was one miscreant who'd clearly realised the signs aren't on the other side of the road:

Still, hats off to the Gazunder for campaigning against the illegal parkers, and, er, two and a half cheers for Thanet Council for erecting the signage, albeit after three years of saying they'd do something.

I recall one foreign driver telling the paper that he had to pull up there 'because his taco had run out'. Well, he can now fill up on delicious bacon sarnies in the port cafe instead, eh! Geddit!!??!? Blimey, maybe it was my feet.


David Bryant said...

The Sunday Spurt had an interesting article on Margate... which used a shot of a pub in Ashford... obviously not contrived, just made up.
Then on this article, the expression used throughout my life would be 'going forward', ie., where should these lorries be directed to park?

Anonymous said...

They should be able to park at KIA - make some use of it for once.

Anonymous said...

Yes park next to the KIA comprehensive anti-aquifer contamination conveyance. The trusty Manston JCB ever ready to provide tow starts and head off ecological embarrassments.

Anonymous said...

There is lorry parking on the port itself or 10 minutes away at the Prospect Inn services (not that KCC or TDC have seen fit to provide a sign telling drivers that).

Anonymous said...

Ahh but two Sundays ago it was a different story. Going through the tunnel of Lorry Luuuuuv, I was greeted by a foreign driver on my side of the road. Given that those marvellous chaps at Ford have equipped the new focus with all singing a dancing breaks and associated safety measures, including a large throw out the window anchor, me and the car safely escaped injury and yes the international exchange of hand gestures were exchanged. It was on my side of the road due to lorries being parked inappropriately. The fact that this lorry was clearly going in excess of the speed limit also begs some questions?

Having turned around at the Lorry Luvvies roundabout (near the port entrance I decided to leave this area of lorry excrement and go back through the tunnel whereupon a savage Bulgarian lorry driver is up my cars rear end and was desperately trying to shove it up my poor old Ford Titanium's love pipe. More international hand gestures ensued including the continuing flashing of his headlights all because I was adhering the speed limit but he did not want to?

What we have is a total failure by TDC and KCC to deal with Ramsgate's problems in that we have no proper planning and EIA's and us the tax payers are paying for it?


Anonymous said...

All the of brown noseing your doing over at the Gazunder its a wonder you can smell anything

Bertie Biggles said...

The beggars are all over at CGPs pad on Manston Loop at the week-ends. Get your Druid friends up there, Dickie old chap, with a silver sickle or two in hands as the moon rises. If it scared the Romans........who knows, they might go and park properly in the Harbour waiting area? Is there one?