Thursday, May 28, 2009

My Other Plane's A Herc

Holy earplugs! Is it open day at Chas 'n' Dave Margate International Airport or something? What with an unmarked military Hercules going round and round in incessant circles, the Pfizer exec jet, a helicopter and a knackered old 737 doing the rounds, anyone would think they were trying to persuade a potential buyer that it was a going concern. I've had to turn the old Bang and Olufsen up to 11 just to hear myself think!

As one reader who's just emailed me put it: 'Perhaps it's like the last days of Saigon and that nice Kiwi chap who's in charge will be the last one to leave from the roof of the terminal building at sunset.' Or are San Dee Zeek-il and his North Thanet junta preparing their last minute escape? One can only hope, I suppose.

Will the last person to leave please turn out the landing lights?


Anonymous said...

The Pfizer jet is probably doing a leaflet drop to tell the last employees to pull out .

The Hercules is doing humanitarian work dropping essential supplies over Clitonville. dog collars for pit bulls, Industrial strength cider , Rizlas etc in Burburry holdalls.

Anonymous said...

Its probably dropping off John RBurton and his team opening
Harvey’s Fish Market & Oyster Bar in Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour. a bit of competition to the Atlantis. (see Kent on sunday online)

Anonymous said...

the whelk seller is competition to atlantis. Harveys is more a rival for age and sons.

Maybe the herc is one of those fire dousing planes, circling and waiting for the next development-ripe building to spontaneously combust.

Really, what is the point of the training flights? Do infratil/air traffic controllers have to get a certain number of landings in each month?

Anonymous said...

I think the chopper is in to drop off a brain for our Planning Chairman!

Over on Bertie Biggle's Thanet Strife, the Planning supremo has called himself, "a rat leaving the sinking ship"; to describe his departure from the Labour Party!

Such a wonderful insight.

Stop the loonies said...

Damned if you do, damned if you don't.
All the knockers slaver up and can't wait to repeat the Airports doom, because of the lack of traffic, then when there is a bit of circuit traffic to earn a few coffers, you would think WW3 had broken out over Ramsgit!
pssst i've got a guy on the inside and rumour has it that a member of staff was seen responding to a call of nature and not washing his hands!!
I'll report back when i have more news.....
Strange that there was no such moans over the weekend when the arrows and a typhoon were thundering the skies over thanet ??
Is that because awwwww they make nice patterns in the sky and oooohhh look how fast it can fly.

Anonymous said...

Got it in one there loony-boy.

Crappy freighters going round in circles all day bad. Red Arrows and Spitfires entertaining us good.

Now do go away and turn your toy airport into something that would attract people to the area and create jobs, rather than transform it into Crawley, Hounslow or Luton (in your dreams).

Anonymous said...

Saw half a dozen Army Land Rovers leaving the airfield today. Would love to see the Military back fulltime, then would these same people moan?

A. Moaner said...

No, of course we wouldn't. But do get over the nostalgia. WW1, WW2 and the cold war are over if you hadn't noticed.

Unless the Korean peninsula goes nuclear, Iran drops on Israel, and Pakistan disappears in a cloud of radioactive waste, it ain't gonna happen. If those things did happen, I'm sure we'd all feel very reassured if the RAF returned.

The reality is Infratil bought a pup off Planestation's receivers. If they had any nous or had done their research properly they would have bought Sarfend, as Eddie Stobart did. The council should really now be thinking about a Plan B - or praying that the Korean peninsula goes nuclear, Iran drops etc etc etc

Anonymous said...

Keep believing that Infratil will continue to pour millions into Manston every year. I prefer to live on reality street.