Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dry And Windy

Just back from a druid meet at one of the local caves, and toddling along our trendy East Cliff I was struck by the amount of traffic going in and out of our splendid port here in the Millionaires' Playground. A veritable armada of specialist barges, tugs and lord knows what, much of which seems connected to the two offshore fart farms that will soon be blighting the sea views off Margate and Boredstares. No sign of those fast cats from Euroferries yet, though.

Whilst Ramsgate cements its environmental credentials as the Windy City, further along we appear to be suffering a drought:

Our Mediterranean style Madeira Falls have been dry for weeks now. The council sign appended to the railings explains:

Albion Gardens Waterfall Refurbishment - Thanet District Council apologises for any inconvenience during the cleaning and repairs to the waterfall. Following the cleaning of the silt and cutting back of vegetation, work is being undertaken to infill any cracks in the pulhamite rocks with specialist sands and material to match the original render provided in the 19th Century. This work required warmer weather and could not be carried out in the winter. It is hoped to have the works complete and the waterfall in operation at the start of June.

So now you know. No sign on the Festival of Britain fountain next to the luxury Granville Theatre and Cinem, though. That's also been dry for weeks. And this area:

where the council overturned a preservation order so they could grub out the trees and shrubs doesn't look as if it'll be replanted any time soon. As we know from recent events in Cliftonville, the Cecil Square duffers don't seem to rate flowers beds at the moment. Or are they just reluctant to spend any money in Ramsgate in the hope that the Town Council, when it's elected on 4 June, will have to pick up the tab?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ramsgatonians could until TDC turn the water back on, take a leak like Belgiums "Manneken Pis" (Little Man Piss) after a night at McThorleys

Anonymous said...

Interesting article on pulhamite here:



KENT - Ramsgate
James Pulham was contracted to build rockwork gardens, including a large waterfall, along the sides of Madeira Walk - the Approach Road to the East Cliff - of Ramsgate in 1894.

The firm was again engaged to construct rock gardens in the West Chine c1926, and in the Winterstoke Gardens and Undercliff in 1920 and 1936.

They were all very considerable undertakings, and are still available for the public to see today.

Anonymous said...

If the lack of planting is because of budget I wonder if Wyevale could sponsor it in exchange for a sign/s saying they have done so? It is leaving it late for this summer if they want bedding plants in there also.
I think TDC has done a good job with the planting they have done on the roundabouts etc.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I agree there have again been some good floral efforts this year by TDC, Cliftonville debacle aside.

And yes, maybe Wyevale or one of the island's independent nurseries could pitch in with some plants.

Anonymous said...


Its the wrong time of year to plant trees, Late autumn or winter is by far the best time. they are then far more likely to survive, ( though it does not protect against theft or vandalism)

Anonymous said...

I prefer the new open look as it shows off the gardens beyond to their full glory and also prevents gangs of teenagers from drinking/fighting/rutting under cover of the shrubs.

Anonymous said...

When I drove past, there were numerous people with "Community Payback" hi-vis vests on that were removing all the plants and shrubbery - That's why the council did it - so they didn't have to pay for it!!!

Badly need that waterfall back on though - looks awful without water.

Anonymous said...

How long after they refill the waterfall until some wag tips a load of Fairy in it.

I say 3 hours....

Anonymous said...

Ah that good old substance for washing the dishes. I am told that Bliar and co were ecstatic when masses of WOMD were found in Iraq...this was found to be fairly liquid and Blair and Bushyy exclaimed "now we can really clean up the middle east" - oh how we laughed. We in Thanet of course continue to larff at TDC?