Monday, May 25, 2009

Outrage Over North Thanet S-Bomb Test

by Isle of Thanet Gazunder World Affairs Editor Hugh Jorgan

North Thanet has made good on its threat to carry out a second test of its biological 'stink bomb', provoking a strong reaction from South Thanet leaders.

The device was let off in the Margate harbour area this weekend, creating a stench that scientists say may well outlast religion. Previously it was thought that North Thanet lacked the technology to deliver the dirty bomb, but experts now believe the mad boffins in Cecil Square have made a breakthrough and could soon be targeting other towns on the Thanet peninsula, including the South Thanet capital Ramsgate.

South Thanet spokesman Richard Eastcliff told the Gazunder: 'Our highly sensitive pong detectors registered an event at around low tide with its epicentre somewhere north of Margate old town. This is the same area where the last test was conducted in 2006'. North Thanet is currently constructing a 'Turner Centre' on the site which some think may be a cover for processing the large amounts of rotting seaweed and raw sewage needed for the S-bomb.

World leaders have rushed to condemn North Thanet's volatile Chairman San Dee Zeek-il following the news. At a hastily arranged press conference, prime minister Gordon Brown said he would be keeping an eye on the situation as soon as he'd fished it out of its case on the bedside cabinet.

Sand Dee Zeek-il is 59.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Wery funny.

West Cliff GB said...

Is that what all that fuss about 'The Hum' was about last week?

Anonymous said...

Margate's hum is nasal not aural.