Friday, May 08, 2009

The Jewel In The Turd

Reader Dennis writes:

Last Tuesday lunchtime my wife, daughter and myself donned the old fire proof vests and with much trepidation left the Birchington bunker bound for the Indian Princess in Chargate. But for your recommendation we would not have been so brave.

What a gem this turned out to be. But in many ways surreal.

Inside the food was magnificent, the service impeccable and the d├ęcor wonderful. Outside a constant parade of knuckledraggers in regulation baseball caps with slavering pit bulls straining at the leash passed before our eyes. Across the road a dumped mattress propped up against a wall jostled for position with a pile of rubbish. I wondered if I should contact former denizen Tracy Emin to see if she might like to claim it for her own in the 'unmade bed' style of modern art.

But back to the restaurant though. It's streets ahead of most of the opposition – a bit like your blog – I'm sure this won't give you a big head as you probably already have one. But there, you have a lot to be big headed about. Bugger – I've done it again.

Kind words indeed, Dennis, kind words indeed. It just so happens I'm off to the IP myself ce soir, so I'll keep an eye out for the mattress. According to their latest mail-out, they've been visited by the Michelin people, so I guess it's a race between them and Ramsgate's own Age & Sons as to who gets the island's first coveted Michelin star.

Would the revelation that the IP is Our Sandy's favourite restaurant help swing it in favour of A&S? I do hope so!


ascu75akadon said...

Havent been myself but everyone I know who has have given glowing reports. One day I may darken the door but for now I will have to make do with listening to those who have

Anonymous said...

Its nice to read something positive in your Blog yes the Indian princess is quite excellent and I endorse (on this occasion) everything Richard has said

Jane said...

The IP is indeed quite the best thing to have happened to Margate in years. We were eating there on the night the Michelin reviewer sampled the goods and there was much excitement in the air. It'll be nothing short of a travesty if it's not awarded a coveted star or two.

I'm rather fond of the Habour Cafe, too. Jolly good food and jazz.

Anonymous said...

Love the IP. Love the food. Love the staff. Not so fond of the prices which are 100% higher than when it first opened.
Still at least it keeps the knuckldraggers (love that) out.

Liam said...

Brilliant contemporary indian cuisine, using fresh herbs and spices, local fish meat and vegetables. Service is very professional and friendly. I hope they get that star. My Favorite dishes: the vinison and the duck. (not together)