Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Dee Zeek-Il Spotted In Margate

Margatonians were treated to a rare glimpse of their normally reclusive leader San Dee Zeek-il at the North Thanet Party Rally and People's Motorcycle Festival yesterday. Reader Adem managed to whip out his Box Brownie in time to snap off a piccie. As you can see, Chairman Zeek-il was accompanied by his lovely wife Cher-il Zeek-il, Deputy Chairman Roh Char Lach-for, and Party Administrator Ree Char Samoo-el:


Anonymous said...

I thought you were joking but Peters Fish factory are now offering West highland Terriers in Batter in response to a number of Korean's seen walking around Margate .

When questioned they said their Dongs (Korean wonger) goes further here than in their own fair land , and admist the general devastation in Margate it feels curiously like home .

derick97 said...

Don't take the pliss,
Cookie boy

Lucy Mail said...

Being the suspicious type, I took that photo to a professional who, after two days of careful study, told me that it may be a very clever forgery.

Though I must confess, I find that very hard to believe from you, Dickie!

Anonymous said...

You are right it is a forgery as the mushroom cloud is over property that is not owned by Jimmy Godden .

A basic school boy error tut tut

Anonymous said...

Next time drop the nuke to yield ground zero at the Turner Centre

P Conyerss-il verthorn

Dick Cheney said...

Anon 10.36am

Didn't realise the Taliban had an outpost in E.Kent

What next, the bookshops (oh, there aren't any in Margit are there?)