Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Gone Fishing

Gone fishing. Back soon. Feel free to argue amongst yourselves for a bit.


Anonymous said...

STEVE LADYMAN MP could donate some of his expenses to the Gurkas as pay back for voting against them

it would be the least he could do as the a President of the Royal British Legion Margate!

President votes against members rights: Is this not like having a wolf as a sheep dog?

tony flaig bignews said...

Back in five minutes?

Anonymous said...

Anon of 12.13, you are obviously hawking your attack on Ladyman around every available blog. His Legion role is a non-political one. You are making political capital out of it.

Have the Legion asked him to resign? Surely that is the test.

There are many arguments as to why the Gurkhas should not have preferential rights - driven by their unquestionably honourable military service - to residency in the UK. Perhaps a more reasoned debate than your cheap politicking would be helpful?

And no, I'm not a Labour councillor, member or anything else linked to a political party.

Anonymous said...

I am comming to Ramsgate soon so I bought a Satnav. (Yes I know that SatNavs have been stolen from your local Fire engines).

So I selected Albion Place on the map and it says its in Margate. I have tries a few addresses and they all say Margate. The only Ramsgate it knows is in Cormwall.
Ramsgate cant be the premier location in Thanet that ECR thinks it is.
That will teach me to buy an end of range cheap (£50) device or is it a blessing?

Anonymous said...

I see that Joanna Lumley forgot to login again!

Anonymous said...


Try searching for Paradise.

Now that is in Ramsgate ... but wear a hard hat.

Jean said...

Used to be a red light district did Paradise.

Anonymous said...

Inside information Jean?

Anonymous said...

Gone fishing? Hope you fall in your the worst thing that has ever happened to Thanet.

Anonymous said...

How dare you !

I am not making political capital out of anything; I bet you would like me to shut up about MPs expenses too. This is a free country and we need to speak out!

I just want fair play!

If someone is an MP and enjoys all the benefits that come with it, they should not be supprised when they are taken to task when they behave as Dr Ladyman has, regarding voting against Gurkas rights when he is RBL President.

It is a total cop out to say that he can't be political.

A vicar would not say that he can't be religious just because he is a RBL President

so I don't buy into Ladyman's excuses.

He is either an MP or he is not, and MPs are always political!

Anonymous said...

I would agree. Anyone in public office gets treated like a bit of shit on your shoe.

Anonymous said...


Dress Steve Ladyman as a canary and use him to taste Thanet water being drawn up at private boreholes.

Chain Roger Gale naked at Thor and make him grow and eat his own veggie there. Peter Checksfield can have photo rights. "Naked Roger, sad little pecker on show, tucks into some home grown mercury mash"

Stake Sandy Ezekiel and Brian White out at Manston to endure the six million passenger trample. If they survive (as they will because six million passengers is a myth) then they can be used as chained down tidal monitors at the Pleasurama site.

Let's be moderate out there.

Anonymous said...

Now you're just being silly!

Anonymous said...

I would like to answer Anonymous 7:34 PM who said...

I would agree. Anyone in public office gets treated like a bit of shit on your shoe.

Answer: I don't know if you have ever had to work hard in the private (real world) sector and pay taxes

so you think that these people should be able to carry on taking the piss out of the tax payer, and when the public get angry you say what you said above.

Well maybe its about time these piss takers were treated like a bit of shit on your shoe as they have treated us far worse.

Anonymous said...

Only those in Thanet local politics whom dont command respect get treated badly, that might be because they support a tarnished and blemished leader?
On another subject why are the wcs in the car park opposite the Neptune pub now closed? anyone know? is it because they are obsolete, i see there are also loos at viking bay at the bottom of the harbour road? is that one of the loos that Plain jane has been talking about?

Anonymous said...

from 7.34pm

never taken a public bean, not a lover of politicians, just an observation. I didnt say whether it was correct to treat them as such.

Its the same as people on benefits. All get tarred with the same brush - dole scrounging layabouts, but its not entirely the case.

Not all politicians have their noses in the trough, doing nack all for the people who voted them in but everthing for big business (or those with the largest wallets). I'm sure one or two of them are very decent indeed, and would only drive the knife an inch or two into your back given half a chance.

Anonymous said...

Shall we turn a blind eye and pretend that Royal Legion president Steve Ladyman MP has done nothing wrong regarding the Gurkhas because it suits us to believe this?

Lets talk about expenses and other things instead!

What have the Gurkhas ever done for this country anyway?

Paul Conyers-Silverthorn said...

Why can't all you anonymouses come out from hiding rather than indulge in shrill sniping. I'm happy that people know what I think - for example, the way the Gurkhas have been treated is a disgrace. For example, anyone who goes fishing in the rain is a twit. Unless masochism is involved!

Yours for more tourism.

Anonymous said...

Clearly P. C-R has never watched fishermen with their protective clothing, umbrellas and rain shelters. And are the fishermen that trade out of Thanet's harbours all idiots? Has he never ventured out in the rain for anything? maybe he should go with ECR rod in hand.

Richard Attenborough said...

9.28 AM.... " What have the Ghurkas done for this country?"
Get your head out of your backside you stupid numpty.

Anonymous said...

The loos on Viking Bay at the bottom of Harbour Street opposite the Tartar Frigate are applying for planning permission to become a fish shop, 7:02am.

Another example of the council taking the ability to have a p*ss from us.