Friday, May 15, 2009

Another Burn-Up In Margate

Given that the only things to have melted down in Margate over past year or so have been half a million quid's worth of fruit machines and the bolts on the listed Scenic Railway, it's good to see those hairy bikers at London's famous Ace Cafe putting their faith in a burn-up to the Arsonists' Playground this coming bank holiday Monday.

This'll be the second time they've made the run. Last year the Meltdown was a washout due to the traditional bank holiday blow, accompanied by horizontal rain, so let's hope Kaddy Tea-Pot and her cohorts can conjure up something a bit better this time.

The event was previewed in yesterday's Sadscene. Clearly the paper had its top motoring correspondent on the case, as we were treated to lines such as: 'Mark plans to ride a modern streetfighter-style Triumph Speed Triple with, unusually, three cylinders on the day.' Er, well, it's not that unusual for a triple to have three cylinders Eileen. The clue is in the word 'triple'. Unless Mark has converted it into a twin, but, very unusually, will be popping another pot on it for the day. Oh, and the photo, captioned: 'In 1964 bikers parked up in The Parade in Margate' features a Triumph Trident predominantly in the foreground. And as we all know, they didn't start making those until 1968.

Oh well, that's the motorcycle pedantry over with. I'll be there to welcome the visitors with a cheery smile and a can of chain lube. I'd advise our local biker-baiter blogger, Nervous of Margate, to make other arrangements for his bank holiday though. Perhaps a day out in Ramsgate would be the thing, eh Nervous?

Margate Meltdown on Ace Cafe website


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll enjoy the company of fellow Neanderthals.

Anonymous said...

Chances are their mostly sad middle aged office wallahs or media luvies

Eastcliff Richard said...

Now now, Tone, you know what I've said about dissing bikers!

Ex: Biker said...

Whilst alot of the Biker v Mod troubls were exaggerated in the press during the mid-1960s it wasn't all without foundation. The publicity was enough to drive away even more holiday makers so now seems kind of ironic we generate money from it. Oh well, should be some nice bikes about....wonder if my old Norton Model 19 still exists?

Anonymous said...

My dad used to have a Triumph Trident in 1964. Now that was one hell of a twin!