Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanet Gets UN Aid

Leafing through the latest edition of Property Week, I came across an item headed: 'Commercial Group Properties plans 'China Gateway' conference centre in Kent'. Here's the first par:

Commercial Group Properties has signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to set up a joint venture to construct, fund and let an exhibition and conference centre at Manston Business Park in Manston, Kent.

The article goes on to explain that 'the exhibition centre, which will also include an ‘industrial hub’ building, that is designed to encompass a very wide range of activities, businesses, organizations, and ‘cultural and visionary entrepreneurial concepts’. Yes, not very well written, I know, but presumably the thumb-texting sprog who wrote this is barely familiar with vowels, let alone grammar. Anyway, there's more:

The centre will, in particular through representation of various Chinese organizations, promote ‘Chinese business in all its myriad guises’ to a UK and EU clientele. It will also promote Chinese arts and culture, Chinese tourism and natural beauty; and the benefits of investment into China. The centre will be managed, promoted, developed and maintained by Commercial Group Properties or a subsidiary or nominated company. It said that Chinese organizations will have the benefit of the exhibition, conference, meeting and office facilities within the centre.

Commercial Group Properties said it is anticipated that Chinese provinces and cities will be able to secure seats in the centre and which will entitle them to use of those seats for specific periods each year.

All sounds pretty UN-inspired to me!

Property Week
UNIDO in Wikipedia
UNIDO website


Anonymous said...

This is old news and seems to me to be another attempt to boost the share price. After all, The Gazette had this story a few weeks ago and the share price shot up as a result.

Anonymous said...

Jolly thoughtful of them to keep us updated.....not.

Anonymous said...

God forbid local business should have the use of the facilities.

Anonymous said...

I would like everyone to know that this morning I signed a memmorandum of understanding to stop world poverty.

So I guess thats the end of it then?