Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Swarm Weather

Regular contributor Walter has sent me this splendid snap, adding that he had 50-80 of these Painted Ladies in his Ramsgate garden yesterday.

According to that font of all lepidopteral knowledge, The Sun, millions of these huge African butterflies are invading Britain because they love our weather. Hmm. Haven't seen that on the BNP's election leaflets. The paper adds:

More and more Painted Ladies are expected to make the 1,000-mile flight from their native North Africa if climate change continues to bring milder winters and warmer summers. Richard Fox, of the Butterfly Conservation charity, said: 'If we have a good year there will be one in every garden in Britain.'

Did you know? The term 'painted lady' can also refer to gaily decorated Victorian and Edwardian houses, and to the majority of builders' wives in Broadstairs.

Butterflies in The Sun


Adem said...

I had quite a few in my garden yesterday and have taken a few more snaps if anyone's interested.

My cat certainly enjoyed gobbling a few up.

West Cliff GB said...

They come over 'ere, get all the best council shrubs ahead of our own and send the bleedin' pollen back to Norf Arfrica land. My mate reckons theyz all get mobile phones and Vauxhall Corsa's off the social. We're going to hell in a hand-cartzzzzzzzz..

Anonymous said...

The builders wives of Broadstairs might be painted , but they certainly are not ladies.

They are a ropey bunch of ill educated slappers driving around in black Range Rovers stinking of perma tan .
Anyone who thinks Victoria Beckham is the zenith of cultural achievement should be taken out and shot.

Anonymous said...

I am very surprised that TDC has not claimed (by press release)that they organised this event to happen in Margate, but given the fire risk they; (the painted ladies) preferred Ramsgate?

Michael Child said...

Hi sorry to go off thread I have set up a new blog and would appreciate it if you would link to it as I have done to yours, it is to be exclusively for publishing local press releases with proper feeds.

I won’t be publishing anything that isn’t mainstream it will be TDC and the main local politicians press releases only.