Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blimp My Ride

Reader David Chamberlain writes:

Zeppelins again over Thanet! The test flight of our 15' (indoor) radio controlled exhibition blimp takes place at the Westgate Pavillion this Thursday (today) between 09:00 hours & 13:00 hours, 9 & 1 in pre-decimal for you non-aeronautical sorts. We'd like to find sponsorship for a 20 to 30 footer outdoor blimp so if you know any media types with too much money and a hole to burn it through we'd like to know. Just hope the doctor doesn't shoot it down!

I am also looking at offering low level aerial cam shots for roofing companies, guttering firms utilising a camera carrying helicoptor, it might save loads on scaffolding and ladders. I might even send it up over your mansion to see if them Boeings have blown anymore stuff off your roof!

And just in case you're wondering what an '(indoor) radio controlled exhibition blimp' looks like, David's kindly sent this link to one that someone else prepared earlier:

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Nothin's ever gonna' keep you down... Until that motor runs out of batteries.