Thursday, July 10, 2008

From New Statesman To Turnip

The Grauniad reports that John Kampfner (Who he? - Ed) will be heading up the trust that's overseeing Margate's putative Anthea Turner Centre. Kampfner is a former editor of the News Statesman (Righto - Ed.). Kent County Council were apparently impressed with his 'drive and enthusiasm'.

Well he'd better put his foot down if you ask me. The story states that the Ike and Tina Turner Centre is 'scheduled to finish construction in 2010'. The last time I looked, not a sod had been dug. And there's still a questionmark hanging over some of the funding, from what I hear. If it's finished by 2010, I'll eat my monocle!

Click here for full story in the Grauniad


bertie biggles said...

Oh how depressing. I am so fed up with the words 'exciting art development' etc etc. Mr Kampfner may well have 'drive and enthusiasm' but so have many who have been involved in TC's lack of progress for the past 8 years. What experience does a 'wordsmith'have in delivering such projects to fruition? We need a go-getter like Seymour-Prosser involved; he knows how to move things along quickly!

Rick said...

I think West Bromwhich opened their 57 million exciting new arts centre today.

The upbeat note was that it is big enough to use for conferences and concerts.

The local council had to stump up a final 3 million to get the project almost finished ready for its opening ceremony.

The locals mostly said they would have preferred a £57 million pound swimming pool.

Rick said...

Here is the West Brom arts fiasco link

steve said...

I would strongly suggest getting a builder first.

Anonymous said...

Thank you bertie, but a gallery full of chinese take away menus will not atract a lot of visitors!

Nor will the Turner Centre anyway, but that's another story!!

Ivor T. Engine said...

Ahhh another ticket issued for the gravy train... All Aboard!