Thursday, July 24, 2008

Separated At Birth?

Regular contributor Samantha writes:

I wonder if anyone else has spotted the similarity between Augusta Road in Ramsgate and this photo of a landfill site I found on the internet? Are they by any chance related?

Augusta Road, Ramsgate


I've noticed, Samantha, that this happens every Thursday when the rubbish is collected. Quite why the road sweeper doesn't trot along behind the dustcart is beyond me. Lumps of stinking, festering crap are left all over the street for a full 24 hours, rotting in the summer sun. All thanks to Thanet Council's stultifying inefficiency and their failure to introduce wheelie bins to the area. There they are, jumping out of bushes and fining casual smokers for chucking their butts on the pavement, yet they're happy to sit by and watch a major public health problem develop through their own ineptitude.

Still, look on the bright side. It won't be long, I predict, before we'll be able to celebrate the restoration of another bit of our Victorian heritage thanks to Thanet Council - cholera and typhoid!


Anonymous said...

I saw visitors with their kids, buckets and spades etc wading through this rotting garbage this morning. It's the hottest day of the year, visitors are coming down to enjoy the blue flag beach and they are confronted with this. Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

It's Thursday, the bin-men have been and Central Ramsgate is awash with festering cr*p. Seagulls and rats are having a field day. Where are the Councillors who are supposed to represent this area? Why aren't they suing the bin-men for breach of contract; they're supposed to collect the rubbish, not throw it down the road. Marlborough Road is the worst today. You can't walk on the pavement because there is so much rubbish. Hang on. That's a thought. If I can't walk on the pavement because of the volume of rubbish and I get run over, who is liable? That's right, it's the Council; and where will the Council get the money from? That's right - you and me. High time Councillors were made personally liable for lawsuits that result from their appalling negligence, methinks. Why whould we pay when they fail to do their job?

Anonymous said...

It's not for the faint of heart but I did a little research on the subject of rubbish - specifically flies and the risk they pose in high numbers. Don't read it if you have recently eaten.

Lil~Miss~Lunatic said...

Hello! I am a resident of Augusta road and I regret to say that it used to be mainly my rubbish that got strewn all over the street, I have managed to rectify this by placing my rubbish bags a couple of doors up from where I live, for some reason they don't get ripped open by the seagulls if they are not directly outside my flat... The main problem I have now however is that I am currently residing in a basement flat and most of the rubbish ends up down the stairs and outside my front door, making trips to the outside world slightly depressing and, being nearly 8 months pregnant, rather dangerous, whenever I set foot outside the front door!

I actually managed to catch sight of the elusive bin-men the other morning while suffering from insomnia, they picked up the rubbish sacks and threw them into the van as usual and then began to kick the rubbish (that was left on the pavement) into the railings of the houses and down into the basement bits... I have to wonder what exactly they are trying to achieve by doing this, they're not solving the problem, they're making it worse and there's no reason for it!

I'm due to move out at the end of august and I can honestly say that the month cannot go quick enough, I am fed up of living in such filth.

Anonymous said...

Total shame on Tdc as this happens all over Thanet,They tell us litter will not be tolerated, and now is given a zero tolerance fine. From a visitor's viewpoint it gives the impression of a poorly run area.