Monday, July 21, 2008

Councillor Puts Us In The Picture

Following yesterday's kerfuffle over a Kent County Councillor who purloined my pic without permission, I've received the following email from the gent concerned:

Richard - I arrived in my office this morning to a flurry of emails pointing out that the photo on my 'KCC in the Community' blog posting was the image from your blogsite.

Please accept my profuse apologies - the image has clearly been lifted from your site. In my rush to put up a posting, I asked my office to find me a 'Margate' image - perhaps I didn’t make it clear enough that this should have been a KCC image!

I have immediately taken the image off the posting, and replaced it with a KCC image showing the architect's impression of the new Turner Centre. Nowhere near as attractive as your image admittedly, but it will have to do until I can get down to Margate and take my own pictures.

Apologies once again. As a more practical gesture, I have added your blog address to my blogroll on my Wordpress site -


Kevin Lynes
KCC County Councillor for Tunbridge Wells East
Cabinet Member for Kent Adult Social Services

Apologies accepted, Kevin! As a general rule, I have no real objection to people purloining my piccies (unlike some other silly bloggers) as long as they give me a nod when they do. Our local caff-crushing car-crushing councillor Dave Green has had the courtesy to do that in the past, as has local rag yourfannitinnit. What's more telling about Kevin's email, though, is the fact that his office were charged with finding a nice snap of Margate, and instantly came up with mine. I mean, I'm flattered that they're fans, but really, haven't KCC got any of their own?!


Anonymous said...

Its amazing that Kevin can ask his office to find a photo for him to put on his personnel blog. Perhaps he could put his office (I presume its the office of KCC council tax payers) at your disposal too!

Ken Gregory said...

Richard, have you thought of offering your photographic services, in a gesture of philanthropy? Perhaps Peter Checksfield could do the same, and save us less well off ratepayers a few bob?

Anonymous said...

Glad to know copyright issues are taken seriously over photographs. Too often, pix get lifted, from hard copy and electronic forms, and the poor soul who took it in the first place sees neither credit nor cash for their efforts.

Greater awareness of copyright infringement is probably required here and an eaasier means of enforcing the law for the photographer.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Ken - are you really suggesting I offer my photographic services to KCC 'philanthropically'? Shurely shome mishtake! D'you think Bob Geldof makes Kent TV for KCC 'philanthropically'? I heard he charges £1.6m!

Seriously, though, I have no objection to people using my photos as long as I'm credited or there's a link to my blog. And as you can see from the sidebar on the right, I've recently added a slide show of some of my lovely pics of the area, which should surely attract people to bring their buckets and spades down and spend a bob or two.

Now if that's not philanthropic, I'm and banana!


Richard Eastcliff, Photographer
(Available for weddings and Bar Mitzvahs)

Peter Checksfield said...

I feel much the same as ECR. I don't mind people using my images as long as (a) they acknowledge me as the photographer, (b) they link to my website, & (c) they don't say anything derogatory about me or my models. It's also nice if they ask permission beforehand.

I'm also available for weddings & Bar Mitzvahs. As long as they're Naked weddings & Bar Mitzvahs. : )

Ken Gregory said...

Having read those comments, Richard they should hire you at 1.8M and Peter, 2.8m because you would get more Hits

Eastcliff Richard said...

Where do I sign?

Peter Checksfield said...

I could do with a new job (so any generous offers are appreciated!).

Anonymous said...

Could someone hit Ken Gregory!

The sometime Labour/Tory, now Chair of Planning cause it suits the other club members!

Brown envelope swapping time chaps! Ooooh what fun.....!