Saturday, July 05, 2008

Ski Saturday

Hurrah! A week of frothy frolics has begun here in the Millionaires' Playground with the inaugural procession for the 2008 European Water Ski Racing Championships (Ramsgate Powerboat Weekend in old money) kicking off today at 4pm. Then there's an entire week of charging across the sea on planks culminating in the prize-giving next Saturday! Plus there'll be fireworks, funfairs, bands, beer and bungees for those of a less active bent.

With Thanet Council and Tiny Terry, our local property midgnate, coughing up almost 50 big ones in sponsorship, let's hope the weather holds. I hear that anything above a 15 knot wind might scupper proceedings, so fingers crossed. Still, the organisers have given the town a splendid write-up:

Ramsgate is situated on the southeastern tip of Kent and is a lovely coastal town with stunning architecture (at least some of which is still intact) and a real continental feel – it is closer to France than the county town of Maidstone (which is why no-one from Kent County Council ever comes here).... Ramsgate is home to the only Royal Harbour in the country and has a sparkling marina, award winning sandy beach and cliff tops that beg to be rambled (should you care to muscle the Heras temporary fencing out of the way).

So for the benefit of all the millionaires from across Europe and the UK who'll be flocking here over the next week, I've taken the liberty of preparing a short glossary of phrases they might find useful when mingling with the locals in our splendid bars and restaurants.

Oiyerkun! - Excuse me, but I believe you may have spilt my drink.
Gorrennyspliff? - I appear to have run out of pipe tobacco. Would it be possible to borrow some?
Gorrennyeeze? - A pint of your best Worthington bitter please, barman.
Inyerface kintossa - I beg to disagree with your opinion (generally used in political debates)
Ooyoolookinnat? - I don't like the cut of your jib, sir.
Yerra dymongeezaar - Please accept this tip with my compliments.
- Please inform the chef that this fish is off.
Kinarsol - General term of approbation.

There. That, and the Astraeus lump that's currently doing low-level training circuits over the place every three minutes (presumably piloted by Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson, I kid you not) should ensure our visitors feel welcome!

Click here for water skiing timetable and course
Click here for local weather (real time)


Anonymous said...

Has tdc avertised this event. My shop in central Margate was asked to display Tdc's advert for a recent event, this was on the day of the actual event. Maybe abit late?? Least they came round the following day to collect the laminated advert, apparently it had to be destroyed correctly. Good to see tdc concerned about green issues but at great public expense, first to distibute the adverts and then secondly go round and collect all the adverts.

Anonymous said...

Iron Maiden frontman doing circuits and bumps, you should be honoured old fruit, and go out and mosh your locks in time to the beat of the engines!!

Beware the Number of the Beast!

Anonymous said...

Iron Maiden over Ramsgate! well we should all "run to the hills!"... sorry

steve said...

bring your daughter to the slaughter on harbour parade

have not seen a plane for weeks, biggest event in ramsgate of the summer, the blighters let every visitor know they are there.

no idea where these airlines get their money from to burn fuel like that. infratil perhaps?

Maisiegrace said...

Truly funny ECR but I believe you spell kinaarsol with a double 'a' to achieve the true pronunciation. I believe there is a place for a DFL translation manual along the lines of profanosaurus which never fails to amuse.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Top suggestion, MG! I shall start work on my Richard's Thanisaurus immediately!

Anonymous said...

We were told that the reason for having an airport was to create thousands of jobs and to re-generate the town(s). In actual fact. All over Ramsgate and the villages people are having to put up with perpetual noise pollution on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Now it emerges that this isn't creating any jobs at all, but may simply an opportunity for some ageing hippy to indulge his fantasies about having a proper job and being a pilot? No doubt doing it at Manston because nowhere else would put up with it.

steve said...

who fancies writing "bruce, fcuk off" in 5 foot high letters in ramsgate main sands saturday morning?