Wednesday, July 09, 2008

More Rubbish From Kent County Council

Tooling around the grubby East Cliff back streets earlier today, I came across a veritable blizzard of crap on the pavement. No, not the usual barkers' nests, but vouchers for a 'free skills check' from an organisation called Skills Plus, an initiative funded by Kent County Council. As if there wasn't enough trouble with fly tipping in the area already, without KCC adding to it by, er, flyer tipping!

The leaflets were advertising the Skills Plus Centre in Ashford (manager Jude Farrell tel: 01233 208619/623945 should anyone wish to pick up the dog and complain). Oh well, you never know, they might have come to Thanet with high hopes and bales of free skills check vouchers only to take one look at the local inhabitants, drop their bundle and scarper!

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Carlo said...

Good Job! :)