Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Richard's Thanisaurus

Following the sackful of emails I received after publishing a few helpful Thanetian phrases for our water skiing visitors this week, I've been persuaded to produce a Richard's Thanisaurus. The aim of my Thanisaurus will be to collect terms and phrases unique to our lovely little island here in the tip of Kent. You'll find a new definition in my sidebar each day, which you can cut out and keep to form a beautiful, leather bound volume (leather binding £35.95 at all good WH Smiths). If you have any suggestions, email me at richardeastcliff@yahoo.co.uk

In other news, I've removed the Heras temporary fencing counter-uppy thingo from the sidebar as, barring the odd zit or two, much of it has now gone from the East Cliff at least. Also, I see from our local biblio-bloke's excellent blog that there's a meeting of the RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport Consultative Committee this afternoon at 2pm. Apparently it's not open to the public (why?), but if you want to get up there and make your voices heard over the racket I can't see any reason not to. Who knows, perhaps Iron Maiden frontman and Astraeus Airlines pilot Bruce Dickinson will be there to give you a quick chorus of Run to the Hills!


Anonymous said...

Planet Thanet?

Anonymous said...

"mischief makers"n. those who exercise their democratic right by gathering petitions

"should know better"v those who sign petitions

"Thanet mafia"n those who drink with our leader in Thorley taverns

Poetical said...

Ramsgate First
Fast rail link!!!!!!!!!
Dunkirk spirit
Dame Janet
Loopy bus

Anonymous said...

f****** leader from fnanet n

Anonymous said...

latchford v. to swipe something from someone e.g 'give me that petition Iris or I will latchford it from you'.

Anonymous said...

Thanet democracy n Sandy Beach as dictator
Cant match the last one - latchford to grab a petition - still laughing about it!

Anonymous said...

ezekiel v. to render any effective political opposition useless e.g. 'we've ezekieled Nicholson and his mob good 'n' proper.'

Anonymous said...

smudger v. printing of material in IOTG not brave enough to print on the front page - ie bullying of Iris in Edinburgh wool mill.
Thanet conservative council candidates n. - mates of the existing councillors, even if previously been chucked out of the party still deemed eligible to stand

Anonymous said...

a jimmy n. spontaneous combustion requiring copious amounts of water to be passed down hoses.

f*****g t****r: A polite greeting used at civic functions.

gregory v. to make a mysterious change. as in 'I want to gregory from Labour to Tory' or ' he/she was gregoried to Chair of Planning'.

hayton v. to push. as in 'he was haytoned off the chair'.

bakanda n. a much reported but rarely sighted brown flat object resembling an envelope.

nuyot n. reward, prize, gift. (not to be confused with bakanda)

steve said...

brownwater. local slang for Westwood Cross

Anonymous said...

worrow v. to bother or fret, often used in a political context e.g. 'I'm not worrowed that the electorate voted me in on a different ticket.' See also taylor

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning councillor Turncoat anon 6.46 pm

Ear plug Ellie said...

Oh! No. Not again .n. local cry uttered when yet another training flight passes low over head.

Anonymous said...

heras v. to put on the back burner, neglect, forget e.g. 'we'll heras that eyesore for a few years and hope nobody notices.'

Anonymous said...

Turner centre n Something that might never happen or if it does it will get blown into the sea!

On street Parking charges n Something to drive visitors out of the centre of Thanet towns

Free parking n something to make everyone flock to brownwater

ASBOS n Something which needs to be served on abusive council leaders

Anonymous said...

"Courtesy of Cyril"

Forged qualifications or records used to secure employment.

"Nice one Cyril"

A forged qualification

"He's ex SAS"

He's a Thanet wanker

"He's bad news"

He's a Thanet wanker

"Thorley Tours"

A Police Officer's tour of duty as Thanet Licensing Officer


Gerry O Donnell

"Hitler Youth"

Army Cadet Force nickname for pseudo military cadet units in Kent.

"Do a moody"

Filling a benefits fraud interview with verbal sound of no use to the interviewer. Benefits interview fillibustering. Latterly also used, for a laugh, to give journalistic fodder to naieve ex Iot Gazette journos.

"Nazi Nick"

See Sue Brickett.

Anonymous said...

"Irritating bloke"


"Really f-cking irritating bloke"

Rick after years of bumping on about reactive loads, third harmonics, ramp loading and switched loading and the need for new regulations for securing electrical supply to hospitals

after much er grit and determination gains his objective and doesn't wait to rub his TDC councillor and Kent Police critics noses in it

Anonymous said...

"Tired old barrer"

Old automobile

"Witching hour"

Five past one in the morning.

"Having a lock in"

Hostelry deployment detail of Thanet Police night shift.

"He looks a rough handful"

Stranger who looks tough.

"He looks an ugly interbred rough handful"

He looks as if he is visiting from his native Aylesham

"Keep schtum"

Quiet ... The stranger is from Aylesham and is now within earshot

Anonymous said...

'Moor a result' v. 'Didn't get to uni so I moored a result', call me Doc from now on!

Anonymous said...

‘To do a Turner’. v. To not build something, at great public expenses

'To do a Mowrice' v A political offense, commonly leading to a Thanet standards board issue (see Latchford, petition)