Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ramsgate A Non-Event

Casting the old glass eye over our beloved council's events listings website earlier, I was struck by a noticeable absence. Whilst there are plenty of things going on in Boredstares, Margate, Birchington and so on, there seems to be bugger all happening here on the trendy south side this summer. Apart from 'costumed walks', the odd concert at our Granville Theatre and Cinem, and something called 'Lark in the Park', the diary's about as full as Chris Langham's.

Not only that, but was I the only one who felt a sense of disappointment that the final weekend of last week's water skiing championship was not accompanied by the bands, booze and burgers hullabaloo of the first weekend? What happened there? Next year we won't even have the water skiing, and the previous powerboat incumbents appear to have got the arse and found a nice new home in Gravesend. It seems to me as if our Margate-centric council are yet again busy feathering their own nests, at the expense of the Ile's premier town!

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Anonymous said...

Local artist Denis Le Fevre's art exhibition starts 26th July on the Westcliff where IOTA used to be

Peter Checksfield said...

...And I'll be doing a naked photoshoot at St. Augustine's Cross next month (& possibly some other South Thanet locations!).

Michael Child said...

Tax in the south and spend in the north, with Labour doing this Nationally and the Conservatives locally, Ramsgate gets a pretty raw deal one way or another.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Ramsgate might be a better place if you lent a hand for the benefit of the community, rather than just take the mick out of those who already do. But I suspect you are too selfish and mean for that?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Ay ay! It seems my plea on Bertie Biggles's blog to send some of those former Fannit Lifers my way is working! Sense of humour failure is always a tell-tale sign.

I'm intrigued, though. Pray tell us, 5.45, about your own community service. Is it off your own bat, or, er, 'government sponsored'?

If you want wall-to-wall 'good news stories', go pick up a copy of the Gazunder on Friday. As for me not doing my bit, why, I've single-handedly put Ramsgate on the international map, which is a lot more than most can say!

Anonymous said...

But anon 5.45 would do well to recognise your contribution to last Christmas Simon Moores charity flight ?

You could exhibit greater public service blogging editorial by featuring threads on the new NHS Security of Electrical Supply regs and the Loughborough and Glasgow University study on terrorist threats to hospitals.

Or are you holding back on those welcome developments because your Thanet tory readership would find it too irritating that Rick wins through in spite of their obstructions ?

You are sparing their feelings and still they criticise you.

Back to retirement from anon blogging

HRH said...

'As for me not doing my bit, why, I've single-handedly put Ramsgate on the international map, which is a lot more than most can say!'

Modesty Mr Eastcliff.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Modesty is my middle name, 8.43pm!

Anonymous said...

Single handedly shafted the efforts of the Town Partnership and businiess organisations to talk up the town more like. Even Iris will go to heaven ECR - I think you will go to the dark place.

Mrs T.P. said...

I think I saw a banner advertising firework extravaganza in Ramsgate 2 nights in Aug, I think 2nd & 16th Aug.
But I can't be sure - next time i passed the same location the advertising had gone.
What is a firework extravaganza anyway?
Is it is just a firework display?

Eastcliff Richard said...

P-leeeze 3.43pm! As I said before, if you want 'talking up' just nip down the newsagents and pop your 55p for our local blue top in their paws.

If, on the other hand, you want to hear (for free) about businesses going bust because of over-running roadworks and poor planning, then you've come to the right place!

As for me going to the dark place, I've made it clear on many an occasion that I've vowed never to work for ITV again.