Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Heritage Schmeritage

I see English Heritage has published its Heritage at Risk register today, listing the heritage sites it considers to be in a parlous state. Thanet gets a couple of guernsies. No prizes for guessing which two edifices are most at risk here on Kent's Ramsgate Peninsula, eh? Gotta be the demolished, listed Marina Restaurant here on Ramsgate seafront and the charred remains of Dreamland's listed Scenic Railway, eh? Eh?

Wrong! The wonderful monuments EH in fact consider to be at risk are Margate's Shell Grotto, which they say is in 'poor' condition, and some old barn out on the Haine Road, whose condition they classify as 'very bad'. I would have thought 'demolished' and 'burnt to a crisp' would have beaten either of those, but perhaps they no longer regard them as being at risk... of anything ever being done to restore them to their former glory!

Click here to see Thanet's 'at risk' heritage sites


cedric said...

Mmmm... Leave the barn on the Haine Road for a while and it may resolve a problem with a potential road widening scheme! Could well be in the way at the moment and listed properties cause far more difficulties.

Anonymous said...

Burn, baby! Burn!

Anonymous said...

Fine Hugenot gable ends on that barn.