Thursday, July 17, 2008

Man Picks Up Dog And Gets Ear Chewed Off

Lorks! If this email from Ramsgate Firster Gerry O'Donnell is anything to go by, it seems he sent lovely Gazunder editor Rebecca Smith away with a flea in her proverbial after a phone moan about him giving rival paper yourfannitinnit the exclusive on his parliamentary bid:


Thank you for your 'phone call. I gave exclusivity to Your Thanet over this and another story because they have played fair with Ramsgate First. I do not believe that we have had a fair shake with the Gazette or Times.

We do not ask for nor expect favours, nor do we expect to have letters published. But over the past year I got the message loud and clear from you that we would struggle for any kind of fair treatment from the G & T. The general mood in Ramsgate is that G & T is not really interested in us. You may demur, but that is the word on the street. I have no doubt that this exchange will appear in Smudger as 'Gerry O'Donnell screams blue murder at the Gazette.' But that is what we have come to expect. Fiction.

I wish you and the Conswervatives well which is more that I expect you wish us.


Thems fighting words, Gerry! Yee-ha! Break out your voting irons, it's time for some campaignin'! (And keep your minces peeled for my small cameo at the end!):


Peter Checksfield said...

This seems a fairly common "moan" by Ramsgate bloggers, though (perhaps because I live near Margate) I don't notice any bias.

Or maybe it's simply that there's more newsworthy stories on the north side of the Isle (you need a few fires & squabbling TDC's down there!).

Anonymous said...

Well, YT is a better bet for balanced coverage than IOTG, the TT, or the KME, IMHO.
Also, it has a GSOH, is a NS and doesn't suck up to TDC of KCC that much.
You dig?


Cedric said...

Not surprised Gerry is wishing the Conservatives well when he admits to being a Tory - or perhaps there is a subtle difference? Presumably masquerading as yet another independant? He is all froth no substance, no policies, no new ideas. He leaves Thanet,comes back 30 years later and is disappointed it has changed - he should have seen how it was destroyed in the intervening years of Tory rule.

Millicent said...

Love the movie - with all your talent can't you do us one all the Thanet characters in it?

Eastcliff Richard said...

I tried, Millicent, I tried, but those chaps at JibJab will only allow one guest performer in that particular gem.

Still, there are three years to the next Thanet elections, so I'll get Mr Ceaucescu (no relation) going on a suitably satirical number for 2011!

Although I haven't seen him around recently. Not since he went off on that 'friendship' cruise with Mrs Eastcliff (relation) (formerly Mrs Ceacescu (no relation)).

Anonymous said...

The Gazette has become utterly useless under the editorship of Ms. Smith. It has less news in it each week than the free newspapers and the stories are never researched properly. In the case of stories given to them by Council, they just print what they are given. I have found Ms. Smith to be unreasonable, and unwilling to engage in reasoned defence of her editorial policies.

Gerry said...

I'm catching up on events after a hectic month.
The Gazette actually published my letter this week. So I've tried another to see if it gets published. We'll see.
As for Cedric....ho ho. No comment.