Wednesday, November 01, 2006

See View

As part of my campaign to generate better publicity for the north of the Ile, and to avoid enforced relocation to a much smaller property six feet under the Sandwich by-pass, I've decided to invest in a pair of Ben Sherman 'Margate' sunglasses.

They're a snip at $175, and come in four colours - Tortoise Shell, Black, Check, and, er, Dog. There's a range of lenses too. I'm opting for the rose-tinted.


Lucy Mail said...

Fire retardent frames?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Please, Lucy, I've given all that Arsongate stuff up now. I even eschewed the smoked glass lenses. Blast! There I go again!

Anonymous said...

Arsongate. Not friendly with ***** ***** *** who sort of owns Dream*********

if ya know what I mean