Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nobby News

I see my old pal Nobby Stewart has been elevated to the giddy heights of permanent anchor on ITV's Lunchtime News, following the departure of Nicholas Owen to BBC News 24.

I recall being in the green room after guesting on his programme once, and hearing the diminutive Gnews Gnome ask another guest, an eminent medical chap, if it was possible to get AIDS from a blow job. Nicholas Owen, on the other hand, would never have dreamed of being so inquisitive, preferring to spend most of his spare time trainspotting.

Quite reminiscent of the old days, when Martin Lewis defected from ITV to the BBC, and ITV hit back by poaching Julia Somerville in what was forever thereafter referred to as a 'tit for tat' exchange.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

and whatever happened to the lovely Julia Somerfield?

Lucy Mail said...

I believe she went off in search of fun and excitement.
Probably why you don't see her any more.

Anonymous said...

There was a nasty scare when Boots dobbed her partner in for taking photographs of her kids in the bath, which all turned out perfectly innocent. Then she got a brain tumour, which she recovered from. After that, who knows?