Monday, November 06, 2006

Eamonn Low

Look, I'm not normally one to gloat about a fellow celeb's bad luck, but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

Remember I auditioned for a new game show back in March, The Rich List? Eventually I lost out to TBA Noel. Later, though, he said he was too busy shifting some boxes to take up the offer, and so it was passed to Eamonn Holmes.

Now the trade papers are reporting that The Rich List has been pulled by Fox in the US after just one show! That's a whole 60 minutes of US fame for our Eamonn! Eamonn's no Sherlock, I can tell you, but even he must be getting the message that he's not wanted.

Meanwhile, ABC have beamed up William Shatner for a new, blockbuster, primetime game show. I wish Bill the best of luck, you need a lot of bottle for these big money bunfights.

Hopefully, though, the captain's log has got a lot firmer since he did those All-Bran commercials.


Lucy Mail said...

Bran will soften your stool, not harden it!
Honestly, you men!
You don't know your arse from your all-bran!

Eastcliff Richard said...

And a curry will give you the pains of water-poo, eh?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

"arse" and "pooh" mentioned on the same page. Standards really are dropping.

Lucy Mail said...

Only see one comment that contains both. You really seem to have no restraint Jermy, you wild animal!

The Angina Monologues said...

What an odd collection of profile photos!

AlienSoulMates said...

What do you mean, odd?

Milo Sovich said...
And why you not come Crocus Expo! No bloody show and me lookin like silly buggers with "Ramsgate:You Know You Want It" stand - all as you says with bloody real seagulls. Bloody great mess they make on Bugattis. High-end luxury market segment no happy bunny when drink much Martini Terrazzo creation and poof!whole stand in bloody blazes. Like Bloody Margate.
P.S. Sarah big hit she get you 200 new fags Parliament Reserve. Catch you Amsterdam or is knees cap