Friday, November 17, 2006

Doing The Hokey-Pokey

I see that some of the local residents around here are complaining that our super-duper new out-of-this-world international rock and pop venue (aka The Eastcliff Bandstand) has been the scene of some 'dirty dancing' recently.

Apparently young couples have been spotted in the dead of night doing more than just the conga, if you catch my drift, and outraged Eastcliffers are now demanding that something is done about it. They claim that such activites are being encouraged by the garish new lighting system.

Well, it works for moths I suppose.


Nethercourt said...

Pop out and chuck a bucket of water over 'em.....used to work wiv' our dog.......

Anonymous said...

Perhaps even install some kind of sprinkler system linked to a motion detector?