Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Eastcliffy Circus

Flaming Nora, the old East Cliff is a hive of activity this morning!

They're improving the junction by the Granville 'Theatre Cinem', and traffic will apparently be backed up all the way to Hastings for the next 14 weeks!

One poor chap had clearly had enough, and decided to use our super-duper new out-of-this-world international rock and pop venue (aka The Eastcliff Bandstand) as a roundabout:

Oh yes, it's all go here on the East Cliff. Hedges are being trimmed by the council, and the developers of The Granville have reinstated their sign:

Even the steroid-enhanced KFC gulls have decided today's the day to pick off a small boat.


sattvicwarrior said...

fun posts. LOVE the seagull and boat shot!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Thanks Vic old sport. By the way, is that a sporran you're wearing?

Frances Oapen said...

See you tonight Dicky!!!!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Great shot of the seabird

Lucy Mail said...

Strictly speaking, they're no longer seabirds. Bin bag birds would be more accurate.
Quite like the 'daylight dogging' picture by the clifftop insectocutor. If anything is going to bring flies down, it'll be that eyesore.

Anonymous said...

I saw that car on the bandstand 'roundabout' this morning. It did a three point turn between the Stalag 13 fencing and the small wall surrounding the 'dancefloor', almost didn't make it.

Should it be doing that on a crumbling cliff top??

Lucy Mail said...

It was only a teeny, tiny car.
Could have contained a spy?

Eastcliff Richard said...

You don't think... teeny-tiny car... unfamiliar with the area... driving aimlessly around the East Cliff in search of something... Royal Marines 41 CDO badge on the side... Yipes, I'd better call my security consultants (Fat Kev)!