Saturday, August 26, 2006

Thrusting New Organ

Sitting here in the burns unit for the past ten days, my healing hands have not been idle.

I've been working with my team of crack satirists and media lawyers to launch a new alternative to the blog that's an alternative to the, er... Well, anyway, it's called The Isle Of Thanet Gazunder and it's full of the usual crap. No, no, I meant finely crafted humour and biting insight.

If you'd like to contribute, email


sfdretywu said...

If you were thinking of hosting a 'problems page', I would say that 'Ask Rammy' has a nice ring to it!
I consider myself to be concise and to the point in a semi-helpful kind of way.

The Isle of Thanet Gazunder said...

Consider yourself hired!