Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Awarding Experience

Now I know I said I was glad not to be on this year's Deathlist, but there's another list I'm not on, and, frankly, I'm a bit cheesed off.

As a major star in the entertainment firmament, I've picked up an entire mantelpiece of awards over the years - Baftas, RTS's, that kind of thing. But I've just taken a squiz at the shortlist for this year's National Television Awards, and, well, I had to go and have a little lie down.

Brucie's there, Wossie's there, even Wigon's there. Even That Bloody Awful Noel's there. Me? Nada.

I'll have to give my other old newsreading chum Sir Trev a tinkle. Maybe he can shoe me in, as he's the main presenter for this particular bunfight. Although I'm a bit worried he may not be able to hear my pleas, as he seems to be sporting a rather ornate ear trumpet these days.


tony flaig said...

This nothing to do with your posting, I was just wondering whether you knew that old boy, angina what with you being so well connected. Its just that he hasn't posted for a while I wonder if you could go round to his bungalow and see if he is alright check whether he has taken in the milk that sort of thing

Eastcliff Richard said...

I'm sure he'll be grateful for your concern, but I spoke to him today and he's fine. Just busy with the garden. Well, what's left of it after he poured Weedol over most of it.

I expect he'll get back on his computer once the nights start drawing in again.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Actually, while we're on the subject of missing bloggers, old Ram Skate hasn't posted for a bit either. Has he given up the ghost? I hope not.