Friday, August 04, 2006

Caledonia Dreaming

Phew! That's better. I think I'll stick with the old keyboard and mouse in future. I must say, I'm full of admiration for our Tony in Margate, how he manages to use that voice recognition stuff lord knows.

Now, one or two readers have inquired why I'm not off to the Edinburgh Festival. Truth is, it's for wannabes, not made-its. When you're on the way up, head for Edinburgh. If you're at the top of the entertainment tree, only Ramsgate will do.

Besides, I'm having the windows re-painted, and I want to make sure the fellow doesn't hop off with my Baftas.


Dr Russell Square said...
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Dr Russell Square said...

I visit this blog from time to time looking for a sign of some redeeming feature, talent or achievement from its author but sadly I can find none!