Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hot To Yacht

Time to get out my deck shoes, blazer and captain's hat, it's Ramsgate Week! The place is practically awash with salty celebrities, all courtesy of our showbiz-minded Shirley Temple Yacht Club.

So much more sophisticated than Bloke Week, which is taking place concurrently over in Boredstares. Not for us Ramsgatonians, all that beardy, pipe smoking, bell jangling, welly wearing morris dancing stuff, although Boredstares chemists will be thankful for the increased sales of Odor-Eaters no doubt.

Once again, proof that Ramsgate is the UK's, if not Europe's, premier coastal resort destination!


sfdretywu said...

I should imagine that the offy made a fair few fiffles too. Not to mention the £3-00 a pint for ale, pubs.
Why don't they have a beer tent instead one of the many dijeridoo stalls?
What is it about those things at Broadstairs folk week, anyway. They can only, truly, be appreciated in calm, still air over a wide, open space.
Flock Week doesn't have any of that, does it?
Fiffles for piffle if you ask me!

Lucy Mail said...

I think you'll find that airbourne particles make quite a bit of difference too.
You wouldn't find Rolf out, blowing his when the pollen count is high.
First thing in the morning is, I believe, the key.
Probably wouldn't be long, though, before you had the coastguard banging on your door, demanding that you stop keep making the ferry crash into Deal Pier.