Saturday, August 12, 2006

Hair Today, Pie Tomorrow

I see the local red top is running a competition to find the funniest name for a shop on the Ile.

Among the examples of shining wit (a poor Spoonerism) is our local barbers-cum-pie emporium, Sweeney Todd's. I must say, they do make a delicious pastie, but for some reason I've never been tempted to have the Eastcliff barnet trimmed there.

Personally I'm a great advocate of the mullet. I know it's a bit 80s, but you can't beat it for versatility. What other style gives you a clean cut business look from the front, with that party animal image from the rear?


sfdretywu said...

If they start offering Hair Pie, I may even use the place, myself.

tony flaig said...

I used this barbers last week, they where quick and cheap. Having until recently been using the same barbers since I was five, the patronising tone of my barber has not been modified in 45years that and being addressed as flaigy has forced me to research other barbers. The Razors edge margate,Malcolms broadstairs and a bloke just near HSBC in broadstairs high street all good, but the Sweeny Todds was cheapest

Anonymous said...

Try Peter Rabbits (Rabbit as he yaps on a bit)in Plains of Waterloo. Not particularly cheap, slow but gives a good trim. Also a self defence expert so safety can be assured sitting in his chair. Ignore his notices "closed due to illness" as he enjoys trecking about in the Himalayas and other off the beaten track places.

Lucy Mail said...

Trekking in the Himalayas?
I've never heard it called that before. Pot holing would be more like it.