Monday, August 28, 2006

Plan B From ?

One of my regular fans read my last post about our crumbling cliff, and sent in this photo. He writes:

Regular readers may indeed know that Richard is not one for carping on, although it is not necessarily as obvious to an irregular reader such as myself.

Regular readers who have assumed that Eastcliff Richard will stand shoulder to shoulder with his loyal (albeit elite) followers when the worst happens may be interested in the accompanying photograph taken (at great risk to his personal safety) by an anonymous spy in far-off climes.

Either we have under-estimated the true extent of the Eastcliff real-estate empire, or (heaven forbid!) the gentleman is preparing the ground for his alternative plan - to cut and run!

Please, dear readers, can anyone identify the location of Richard’s Plan B?


'MR X' said...

Is the property?
Eastcliff Cottage
881 Melbourne Road

'MR X'

Eastcliff Richard said...

Blimey, the Inland Revenue don't half catch on quick! I'm off to liquidate my assets!

Anonymous said...

'Cottage'? That's a bit under-achieving, isn't it?

Dane Valley Ted said...

Eastcliff Cottages in Looe,

Saw this advert for holidays and
thought of you,
PL13 2RT, Tel: 01503-272324