Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fi-Don't Believe It!

News that our local barker'snesteriser, Fido, has been out of action since it was purchased months ago is quite shocking.

Apparently Southern Water have yet to grant a licence for the disposal of the nests it collects. Although even when, or if, a licence is granted, how one machine can clean 1200 miles of footpaths with any sort of frequency is beyond me. Unless they've bought the turbo-charged model, of course.

Even more shocking is the £167,844 a year that's spent on scooping the poop from the Ile's pavements every year. Based on coming across one decent sized nest every 100 metres, and given that each nest seems to fester there for around a week, that works out at about 17p per nest.

Not exactly worth it's weight in gold, but surely The Scouts would be interested?

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or the brownies