Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dead Or Alive?

Following my recent trip down memory lane, I see sausage man Tony Flaig has asked whether my old newsreading chum Sir Alastair Burnet has pegged it yet.

Well I can tell you he's alive and kicking, although last time I saw him he was recovering from having just walked into a lamp post (not one of Scottie's, I might add).

Being 78, though, means he's attracted some attention from Deathlist, those people who make a list of the 50 celebrities most likely to carc it each year. Norman Wisdom's been on it since 1997, but I saw him and his missus tucking into a full English at one of the M1 services the other day, so I think the death watchers are going to be disappointed again.

Glad to see my name's not on the list yet. But then, as for all of us, it's only a matter of time!


Lucy Mail said...

I'd still have my money on Norm.
They have Clive Dunn rated as their favourite, how ridiculous! He was 84 when he was 40, now that he's actually 84 he'd be like a 40 year old, surely.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Perhaps we should start our own Thanet Deathlist? Any suggestions?

Remember, it has to be people who might pop off in 2006, not people you'd like to see popped off!

Anonymous said...

you'd have trouble finding 50 celebrities in thanet, let alone 50 that were about to croak

tony flaig said...

i am pleased to here the good news on alistair, Even better that Norman Wisdom is in such good health as to risk a motorway breakfast seriously Norman is one of the greatest actors of our time I have all his films

Eastcliff Richard said...

You can get all your Norman news from here.

Apparently he had a pacemaker fitted, and then was on the radio presenting a docco about Laurel and Hardy two days later. What a trooper!

Eastcliff Richard said...

He's 91, and of course we mustn't forget that he is SIR Norm these days. And apparently he has a lot of fans in Russia. Here's what one Russki said:

"Hello, Norman! You are very popular in Russia. Here, all know and love you. I want to thank you for your splendid roles in cinema and to wish you health and creative successes. Sorry for my bad english. I hope, that you understand me correctly. With respect and love, from Russia."

Let's hope he eventually makes it to the sainthood he deserves. But not for a good few years yet.