Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Councillor In Need Of A Counsellor?

Like me, you must have wondered why Margate's putative arts emporium changed its name from the Turner Centre to 'Turner Contemporary' a while back. Go on, of course you did!

Well if you Google-ise Turner Centre the top spot is held by The Turner Centre... for Counselling and Psychotherapy! According to their website, the Colchester centre 'occupies a grade II listed building and is beautifully furnished to a high standard'. Among the therapeutic services they offer are counselling for anxiety, depression, and panic attacks. I presume Margate's Turnip people decided on the name change to avoid any confusion, given that the sponds wasted on the gallery had already caused 'anxiety, depression and panic attacks' among the general, taxpaying public of Thanet.

The Turner Centre (Colchester) also offers help for 'anger and rage'. It strikes me that, given our Sandy's recent, er, carpeting by the Standards Comittee for his outburst at the Edinburgh Woollen Mills, and his previous for calling the Mayor of Margate a 'f*cking tosser', he might well be advised to check himself in for a session or two!

Click here to go to Turner Centre website


Anonymous said...

Have you dressed Ezekiel in green there for Paddy's Day then?

Anonymous said...

To summarise 300 pages of TDC deliberations:

Sandy ad a shandy

Got a bit handy

Cos he is a handy shandy

Anonymous said...

irish iris is incandescent in idiocy

Anonymous said...

I think therapy is a waste of time he needs a keeper from Howletts to follow him around with a dart gun and at the first sign of bad behaviour to bring him down

Anonymous said...

Sandy's boxing background 7.24

He tried to lead with the left.

But Irish won with her right.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Sandy went to the doctor.

"Doctor after taking me viagra an dat and giving er one an dat I got an itchy arse and it bled a bit"

"You are suffering Shag Piles Sandy"

Anonymous said...

Sandy at a meeting to discuss the viability of Manston as a civil airport. Dozes off during the meeting.

"To be viable", argues Infratil, "We need to extend the marshalling areas into what are presently rural residential areas"

Sandy wakes with a start and shouts

"Axe Minster"

Anonymous said...

Irish Iris "Is there anyone here can get inside the head of that nut"

Woger Latchford "You need a kernel"

Anonymous said...

Sandy at a Thanet Tory old comrades do

Sandy "I gotta go on an anger management course an dat and get signed off with a certificate an dat saying I have me anger under control"

Cyril Hoser "I can flog you a certificate. Just give me time to get some printed up"

Anonymous said...

8.01 excellent reminds us that really local tories havent changed in 20 plus years - just reverting back to type - quite depressing really.
(to stop swipes - i am not a labour voter!)

Anonymous said...

"Irish Iris?"
What year is this?
Oh yes. In Thanet it's 1964.

Anonymous said...

10.01 Don't you mean 1664 when women were burnt at the stake for daring to have opinions. Seems some of the tory group pine for those times.