Friday, March 27, 2009


Yikes! It's amazing the twits you can find on Twitter, the minimalist social networking site that's all the rage with, er, the lovely Stephen Fry among others. Having trawled around this afternoon looking for people I might know, I stumbled upon our beloved council's glorious leader! So far, he's only managed three 'tweets', viz:

Attendin Carpex 2009 at Olimpia catchin up wiv wots new in carpit tyles.

Nice bit of stake for tea. Luvverly! and

Shoppin in the Edinburrer Wool Mills for tartan trews. Hope I dont bump into Iris!

So far I'm the only person following his stream of consciousness, but if you want to be there yourself when the cogs whirr do sign up for Twotter and pop him on your list. Please do. It'll make me feel less like a stalker.

Speaking of which, I appear to have attracted my very own celebrity stalker on Twatter. Tracey Slag-Mingah tweets as 'Eastcliff Tracy' and seems to be following my every move. Describing herself as 'millionaire's playmate and soxkitten', her more printable contributions have so far included:

Great - I see my soulmate and millionaire has got his old Throbber out, I want a ride on that RIGHT NOW!

Measured his 'thing' this morning. One and a quarter inches. Perhaps he should be called Justin? But he does try with it! The best he can and

Oh no, ECR is bashing away at me fanni innit! Still it will all be over in 2 mins IF he can last that long! Just time for a bag of crisps.

Crumbs! I'd better get my security consultant Fat Kev on the case toute de suite!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the story that has just appeared on Red err.. Blue Ken's Village Bollocks site? This is going to put the cat amongst the pigeons. Qwik call to your dad to check some facts perhaps ECR?

"Interesting that 21:31 has made such a big issue of the tory leader's antics, when the rumour mill is that their own former mayor of Margate was alleged to have repeatedly harassed and bullied Ezekiel's wife prior to the mayors ball incident. To the point where the other councillors from Margate had to make an apology before her union took it further. So I think any future reference to the leader's behaviour should be accompanied by a health warning on double standards, bullying and harassment from a labour margate councillor and failure by the others to make him resign. Just when are the tories going to publish this? They seem to be as weak on this as they are on policy at the moment".

JP said...

So that's what happened to Lucy Mail then!

Anonymous said...

Can we have a sweepstake on when the airport will shut? We could have a series of options to vote for or we could have an open text facility for those who want to give a specific time and date. Then, instead of having a counter that counts up from when the Council hasn't done anything, we can have a counter that counts down to the day when Infratil fly the coop.

Anonymous said...

I see that Bertie Biggles has got his knickers in a twist on Thanet Strife.

He puts up a story saying that certain councillors are now supporting their damaged goods leader, possibly because he has thrown them crumbs from his table! I presume a reference to new jobs for the boys, and girls.

He then gets visited by Moores, and suddenly, Biggles has not only taken down the reference, but is now proclaiming Thanet Life to be the model of a Councillors web blog!

Someone has already commented on Berties sudden change of tune. Got at, and given in apparantly!

And that is sad as this leaves you as the only blog telling at it is, regardless of what they throw at you. So for our sake, keep up the good, independant rants!

Anonymous said...

But not so independent ECR? Just which one is it that you call pa?

Anonymous said...


Local political machines are eating themselves.

(Horrendous images banished as soon as thought of)

Or should that be 'Any old Iron?'

You know who you are!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Surely everyone knows I'm out of Iris, sired by Ken, Sandy, Roger and/or Frank, 8:47pm? Kuh!

Anonymous said...

Gaaaad! I can't imagine anything more boring than following ANYONE'S movements (??) on Twatter.
Paint drying for me.