Monday, March 23, 2009

G20 To Fly In To Manston?

Crikey! The island rumour mill appears to have been working overtime this weekend! Planespotters report a Saudi 747 offloading pallets at Chas 'n' Dave International yesterday, presumably packed with boiled sheep goolies for the Arab delegation. Now the theory is that the world's leaders will be following suit for the London summit next week.

Let's hope Our Glorious Thanetian Leader, who will no doubt be there to greet the great and good with traditional island gifts of Kestrel Super, gold sovereign rings and Primark tracksuit pants, keeps his Tourettes under control and doesn't spark an international diplomatic incident!


Anonymous said...

then he really will make Thanet the laughing stock if he hasnt already! maybe he will revert back to the times of Hosier and dress up in sheik costume to welcome them and make them feel at home, we have nearly gone back to those sort of times!
otherwise may try to sell them some carpets to make their meetings cosier!

Anonymous said...

I see Simon Moores' blog is quoting Alan Sugar - You're fired have said that is what he and other councillors should be saying to Sandy - doubt he will print that though! thinks because i dont agree with him that i am a labour supporter - they cant see the harm those in charge of their local party are doing!

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Lathcford and Ezekiel on the Apprentice LOL. They would not last two minutes.

Can we persuade Channel 4 to do a series called 'Ramsay's Council Nightmares'???

Anonymous said...

Only problem is i think it would go on for too many episodes i think there are councils up and down the country like ours i regret to say - elected mayor is the answer!