Friday, March 20, 2009

Westwood Chaos As Shops Blacked Out

Speaking of fires, it seems that an electricity substation burnt out this afternoon and left Westwood Angry, the ile's 'town centre', in darkness. Apart from Tescos, that is, who presumably have a back-up gennie. Oh no! I've mentioned back-up generators! Cue Rick!!!


Adem said...

It was the substation at my work that blew-up! he he!

All working now though and virtually back to normal apart from some servers that have meant I'm unable to use my PC.... back home now where luckily my PC still lives.

Anonymous said...

ECR you know full well that the issue, concerning back up generators, is at pre action protocol stage against Kent Chief constable. So "Rick" wouldn't be commenting on it.

Mind you your oppos at Private Eye alighted on a right ubiquitous figure earlier this year. Yer James Shortt.

No sooner than you look into Thor and South Africa than you come up with the Apartheid regime project in nuclear, chemical and biological warfare.

Headed by Colonel Wouter Basson.

No sooner have you googled Wouter Basson than up pops that name James Shortt. And the year 1987.

No sooner than you ask about specialist articles in a military magazine in 1987 which seem to have been a guiding light to certain Broadstairs based TA soldiers arrested for paramilitary activity ... than you come up with the name of a contributing author James Shortt.

No sooner have you looked at the matter of the 1989 bombing of Deal Barracks and you ask who may have been a keyholder at the barracks Kent Police ? And who did not get investigated ? That name again James Shortt.

Then you ask what caused the Cabinet security fuss just a month or so ago and up comes that name again. James Shortt.

Then you stop to think what was the Bush/Blair pretext for going to war against Iraq. WMD. Suspect for supplying Libya and Iraq. Wouter Basson. But Wouter said no they do not have WMD it was an MI6/CIA con (Like Thors Red Mercury nuclear trigger device supplied to Saddam ?) they were sent buckets of sand.

And no one believed Wouter ...

Funny old world.

Now when did we invade Iraq ? When did Gen De Chasterlain report to Northern Ireland Secretary concerns that chemical/biological and sabotage weapons were not included in Good Friday Agreement ? And when did Kent Chief constable David Phillips quit without notice ?

When an unlawful police no go area is operated be careful who takes advantage of it.

As you know, since I emailed you copies a while back, I am testing the complaint re backup generator sabotage now at law. You also know that I have not sought pre-action disclosure from Kent Police but that I have proffered High Court Mediation as a prior step.

I also copied to Tony Flaig the same courtesy information. He took the trouble to email a reply and to take a fair position which was to ask if he would be able to question me by email. I am happy with that. He is open minded and I would be disappointed if he now trivialized the issue.

In 1995 a child in post op ICU at Guys died when power to life support failed due to failure of a Petbow system at the hospital. You know that I have stated that inquest should be subject of appeal under Coroners Act 1988 due to insufficiency of inquiry against Petbow Cummins.

I think that child was unlawfully killed. Cue Rick.

Anonymous said...

So what? Qui pro quo.

Ken Gregory said...

hello Rick, i thought you had retired