Sunday, March 15, 2009


Having only recently made the Dickensians' teeny-tiny streets even teenier and tinier, from tomorrow Kent Highways will again be narrowing the arteries of Broadstairs, presumably in an attempt to ensure that nothing wider than Victoria Beckham can get through the town.

A year ago they put two proposals forward for public consultation, both of which were rejected. My spies with the curly moustaches and Victorian bathing costumes tell me that Kent County Council feel there were 'elements' of both proposals which 'some' people wanted, so that's what they're going to get. Even though the majority didn't particularly want any of it. Ah... Kentish democracy in action!

By tilting the old Eastcliff cranium 90 degrees, I was able to establish that the roadworks will be ongoing for xx 4 weeks. Just in time to bugger up Easter then! And if the time it took to improve Margate's Lower High Street is anything to go by, I should imagine it'll be buggering up Easter 2010 too!


Anonymous said...

Today my family and I thought we would do a trip to Walmer castle to enjoy the first signs of Spring.
We got as far as Pegwell Bay and were held up in trafic jam going back for miles. We assumed it could only be a terrible accident and were dreading turning the corner eventually to see the carnage.
What we finally encountered was a fat bloke reading News of The Screws operating a set of traffic lights turning the road into one lane both ways. There was no work going on but an almighty tail back in both directions, maybe he was waiting for the gritter lorry to arrive

Eastcliff Richard said...

Yes, I'm afraid that'll be the roadworks to connect the lecky from the wind farm to Richborough, which as I mentioned a few weeks back will be ongoing every weekend until November.

Best stay in Ramsgate next time. It's miles better than Big Deal or Getting Walmer!

Anonymous said...

As you suggest this stupid fudge has been forced upon the town and makes no sense.

It will further fuck anyway out of town, St Peters is now impassable thanks to the recreation of a first world war trench down the High street , with again nobody working on it.

The plans for the current stuff suddenly appeared in the library last week, is this a Thanet consultation period ? . Any poor sods trying to earn a living on the Broadstairs High Street will be further scuppered by this next round of pointless and expensive roadworkings.

Making Albion Street fully pedestrianised would be the first step to helping the high street. During Folk week it is lovely walking down it going into the shops and pubs and not worrying when the next Wag Range Rover will clip you or your kids.
By encouraging people to use Vale road and Albion street Car parks rather than sell them off to any dodgy developer who hands the current council a kick back,you could change Broadstairs into fantastic seaside town with a real west country feel.

The present local councillors and planners seem to be dead set on doing more damage to Thanet than the Luffewaffe ever did, how did we ever get so badly served by our local politicians ?