Monday, March 02, 2009

You Can't Get Rid Of Me That Easily!

Even out here in the rugged Canadian wilderness (Vancouver), word has reached me that the professional propaganda peddlers who work for Chas 'n' Dave International Airport are rejoicing at my absence.

Maxim PR are apparently cock-a-hoop that yours truly has exited the building/island/county/country. The Tunbridge Wells firm (no chance of being buzzed by a knackered old jumbo there) will presumably now be inviting Cllr/Dr Biggles, BigBoy Margate and all the other drooling planespotters who think an airport the size of Stansted in Ramsgate's back yard is a bright idea to one of those slap-up PR lunches in celebration! Judging by their client list, though, Biggles, BigBoy et al will have already paid for the lunch in spades, given the amount of public tit-sucking Maxim indulge in.

Still, if they think I've disappeared for good, they don't know me very well, do they!?!??!

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