Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Be Infrastill My Beating Heart!

Riffling through the FT to see just how little I'm worth these days, I came across an item headlined: 'MPs Seek Help For Struggling Airports'. Wondering if our very own Chas 'n' Dave International was mentioned, I scanned through the item to find... it wasn't. Not even big enough to be 'struggling' it seems. There was a guernsey for C'n'DIA's owners, though:

In Scotland, Prestwick is suffering most. Infrastil (sic) of New Zealand, its owner, said it will cut up to 120 of 500 jobs as low-cost carriers made economies.

I presume by that they mean Infartil. Or is that Infratil?

Pink faces at the FT


P Dacre said...

Who is your sub editor ECR? These headlines are worthy of Sunday redtops!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Infratil are struggling. Excellent news. Maybe they could have saved the jobs at Prestwick if they weren't wasting millions at Manston

Anonymous said...

My mole tells me they had a meeting of the consultative committee up at Manston today. Apparently they were discussing the Council's decision to extend night-flying. My contact tells me that Messrs. Latchford and Nicholson were unhappy that the Chairman of the committee had tried to involve himself in the process. They voted against him in a vote of confidence, but he was supported by all of the other committee members. Makes you wonder how this pair can continue to sit on a committee when they have no faith in the Chairman?

Anonymous said...

So this article is about the UK taxpayer being asked to subsidise a New Zealand company to run airports we don't want or need?

I'm a taxpayer. When do I get to vote on all of these bail-outs? They weren't mentioned in anyone's manifesto. Come to think of it, Gordon Brown wasn't even running the show when we last had a vote. The justification for all of the bail-outs is very,very thin. Shouldn't we have an election so the people who are supposed to pay for this get to vote on it:

Who should pay for the mess we're in?
Tick 1 for the bankers
Tick 2 for yourself
Tick 3 for the irresponsible b*st*rds who borrowed far more than they could ever hope to afford to repay.

Unfortunately, the bankers haven't got any money, the b*st*rds who over-stretched themselves haven't got any money. That leaves you to pay the bill. It's already started. Savers are being stripped of their interest payments. People with pensions and investments are seeing the values plunge. Property is spiralling downwards. Basically, anyone who has done the right thing and put any money aside is having it stolen by the state. Meanwhil, the b*st*rds who lazed around whilst the sun shone are laughing all the way to the empty bank.

Anonymous said...

Air travel is finished.

Stop Manston Expansion Group said...

Does anyone know if Matt Clarke came out on Chairman Twymans side?

Nicholson and Latchford. I think KIACC have just prefectly demonstrated what the public will do when, if, they get a chance to vote these two out.

Anonymous said...

Infratil are clearly heading for an onshore wind farm. Even the RSPB relaxed their objections today.

Anonymous said...

The airport operator cannot vote. The MD of KIA got up and walked away during the proceedings. The council officers also kept their hands down.

It is a very rare thing for the KIACC to vote anyway.