Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Luke Box Jury

Phew! Thank heavens all that unpleasantness about Jade Goody is behind us!

Now, moving swiftly on (in true Thanet Life style), here's a young chap that's come to my attention who really does seem to have captured the spirit of the Arsonists' Playground. Musically speaking that is. Luke Edwards lists his influences as Pete Doherty, Arctic Monkeys, The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Lily Allen, the Thanet Loop and Sandy Ezekiel, among others. His latest outing, Dreamland Ode To Margate, includes such pricelessly observed lyrics as 'over time this dreamland became a nightmare' and 'we idolise Pussycat Dolls and WAGS, binge drinkers and thugs and dirty slags'.

Do pin back your lugholes and take a listen. And Luke old bean, you really need to add Thanet's premier blog down there as one of your influences!

Luke Edwards on mySpace


Anonymous said...

must get a copy of the Margate song to play in the car,any ideas on where that should be?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Luke - step forth and tell your public how they can get hold of your terpsichorean Margate musings!

Luke Edwards said...
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Luke Edwards said...

Right, I've activated a 'magic button' so you should be able to download the song directly from my MySpace page for free now.

If you revisit www.myspace.com/lukejedwards it should be available. I'm glad you enjoy it.

I shall also add this blog as an influence. Consider it done. :-)

P.S. If you're discovering - like I am - that MySpace's music player isn't allowing you to download the song, then drop me an e-mail at lukejedwards@gmail.com and I'll e-mail you the mp3 directly.

Ali said...

Woohoo congratulations Luke!