Friday, March 20, 2009

Scenic For Sale - One Careful Owner

Smokin' rollercoasters! Here's something that should set the world of knackered old amusement parks alight, if you'll forgive the expression! According to the BBC News website, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is auctioning off its original, 1930s rollercoaster rolling stock.

Clearly them oop noorth have looked after their heritage rides (as we must now call them) a bit better than us darn sarf, as the above photo of Dreamland's listed Scenic Railway going up in smoke in the Arsonists' Playground last April amply demonstrates. Presumably Prince Jug-Ears will now be doing the honours and dipping into his wallaby skin wallet, given the recent news that he's backing the plan to build a 'heritage theme park' on the Dreamland site, and saving the carriages for the Thanetian nation.

Not that he'd have to dig very deep. After eight bids on eBay, they're currently going for the, er, princely sum of 23 quid.

Click here to read full story on BBC News website
Click here to go to the auction on eBay

Update: The auction's over now, the carriages went for 155 smackers. Just goes to show these 'heritage rides' are hardly worth their weight in gold!


Anonymous said...

Well if there's any truth in it, then this is an interesting development as they say. Yes, if the Blackpool cars are compatible with the Dreamland Scenic, this could be a godsend for those wanting to restore Margate's premier tourism spot. It has to be rebuilt as it's a listed structure of course and has to be fully operational. Seriously, it would save going somewhere like Poland or Hungary to try and find something else similar. Good luck to the Save Dreamland Campaign - the park will be revived yet.

Anonymous said...

I am confused. Who has said a heritage funfair can be placed on this site and do the site owners agree? i.e. they own the freehold., they might not want to use the land for that purpose. Someone with an answer? Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Godden's lot are said to be backing the heritage theme park plan if you believe the local fish and chip wrappers. There will still be space left for some kind of hideous housing development though. On a flood plain. Nice.