Friday, August 22, 2008

Duffers Investigate Dreamland Fire

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Anonymous said...

Nice to know ECR is not just sitting twiddling his thumbs in Tiblisi

Anonymous said...

Sandy: I am taking personal charge of the inquiry

ECR: What lines of inquiry are you pursuing Councillor Sandy ?

Sandy: I have to pop round the corner for a Jimmy Riddle mate

ECR: Oh I could make a comic character out of that line of inquiry "Jimmy Riddle" What else have you got

Sandy: Well round the corner there is a freshly written pee on the wall message "The Juwe doos won't be blamed for nuffink"

ECR: That's a red herring you just planted there using yer own todger Sandy. But I wonder why Mr Fuller is busily scrubbing it off. And placing some of the sample into a DNA testing bag.

Mr Fuller: Some fecker is going to get done for urinating on an arsonist crime scene I got his DNA

Sandy: It could have been planted there. There was a guy with a Tesco bag with a leak in it and he was using it like a piping bag squeezing it for all it was worth.

ECR: Not the old distract the police with a Tesco bag story trick again Sanders old man

Sandy: It worked last time

Anonymous said...

And where is Sandy at the moment? He didn't turn up for the China Gateway planning committee meeting on Wednesday. I think we should be told!

Anonymous said...

What combination of medication are you on, 2:33?
If none, maybe you should consider it.