Monday, August 25, 2008

China Gateway - The Kazakhstan Connection

Ferreting around the old interbollocks just now, I came across this surprising headline in the Railway Gazette:


Now, I know some poor demented souls round here think a spur into RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport would be a wizard wheeze, which might serve the proposed 3m sq ft Chinese business park too. But this was banging on about a '278km single-track 1520 mm gauge railway', commencing operations to the Chinese border in 2012. Geography was never my strong point, but even I can work out that 278km wouldn't get you as far as a Chinese takeaway in Paris, let alone the Chinese Border!

Aaaanyway, turns out the whole flippin' thing is in Borat's alma mater, Kazakhstan. Which got the brainbox ticking. Are all international projects run in conjunction with Beijing called 'China Gateway'? I think we should be told!

Click here to read full story on Railway Gazette website


Anonymous said...

China Gateways have popped up throughout the world! The difference in other places is that they call them Gateways, once built by experienced global developers.

In Thanet the description is a 'concept' from an inexperienced small newly formed company called CGP and 'sold' to Chinamex and TDC as a job creating wonderful opportunity for everyone.
Sod the aquifer; agricultural land; people of Acol and grid-lock around our roads and jobs for 500 to 1000 Chinese nationals. The problem is that Chris and Ken have got to make a big return on their 13,000,000 shares in CGP and pay off The Israel Discount Bank the £28.5 million they have borrowed to finance the deals and pay their 'expert contact' his fee for getting and keeping Chinamex on board.

Anonymous said...

Should they not be renaming this site Khazi-land given the foul stench that emanates from the decision making process - and of course the foul water problems.

Jobs, really; does this mean that TDC are going against EU regulations?

Jobs cannot be held for locals only?

Can anyone find any mention of the CGP concierge document in TDC planning report?

Anonymous said...

What concierge document is that? What is a concierge document anyway? Is this something we should know about along with the type of jobs that will be created at Manston? Somehow I can't see Thanet's finest taking the China Gateway Exhibition Hall jobs so they will, presumably be reserved for Chinese nationals. Hang about, won't they have to get immigration approval as 'key workers' i.e. there's no-one in the UK who has the skills for the jobs? Is this where most of the jobs will actually be, not for locals? Does the planning department realise this? More unanswered questions.

Gerry said...

I hope China Gateway project is built, that Manston Airport gains more traffic and the Turner Centre is built and they all thrive. Then I hope all the whingers go and live somewhere else.

Anonymous said...

The concierge is what the developers potentially want i.e. on the 13th of next month (see today's Your thanet for full details) the EKO LLP scheme will be presented/or foisted on us the local electorate for housing being built on the Westwood cross site with Doctors surgeries and the like.

These will be built to house the foreign nationals/managers for the Chinamex venture there is a small matter that this was glossed over at the recent Planning meeting.

Oh the numbers of foreign managers and families you inquire of, silly me...250/500

Anonymous said...

So will they be guaranteed entry to the UK as they would be classified as 'key workers'? Are you serious about 500 Chinese nationals living here?

Anonymous said...

Of course i am, the 500 does include members of the managements families though - hence a concierge agreement that's why the EKO LLP have changed the way Westwood Cross is being developed.

Have a look at the Key names in the QUANGOS lots of Wodgers etc and all have fingers in other public organisations such as the EKSDC and Manston Business Park.