Thursday, August 07, 2008

Paxo Set To Give Isle A Stuffing?

My spies tell me that Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman was spotted in Pete's Fish Factory here in the Millionaires' Playground on Tuesday. The undercracker obsessed newsman was in the fish shop with a film crew around 3pm.

Then yesterday he was spotted filming again, this time in City hangout Dirty Dick's. So what's he up to? Surely he wasn't on the island just to make a cod piece? Perhaps it's a story about City traders relocating to Ramsgate, but I would have thought most of them were currently forming an orderly queue outside the Job Centre. Or maybe he's heard about ChinaGatewayGate and is preparing an explosive exposé!

Oh well, whatever the story let's hope he enjoyed his 'Bollack and chips':


Millicent said...

As far as I can see the connection between the two venues is Charles Dickens - the building now used by Peter's Fish Factory was there in 1854 when Frith painted his well-known painting "Ramsgate Sands" so Dickens would have seen it too.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Aha! Thanks Millicent! Maybe he's preparing an item on how Dickensian today's Britain is!?!?

If anyone can confirm seeing him film at Dickens World in Chatham, we've got the plot!

Anonymous said...

A bollack with no bone? Or skin? What kind of bollack is that? And why only one?

Sindy Shylock said...

Yes because anyone from outside Thanet reads this blog or people from Thanet ever go as far afield as Chatham.