Tuesday, August 05, 2008


Only in your super, soaraway Eastcliff Richard! Yes, your chance to win an all expenses paid trip to China!!!!

We've called it Beijingo!!!!! (Geddit?!!!?!?) And we've got some super prizes to give away!!!!!!! Just see what you can win!!!!!!!!!!

- FREE business class flights to China
- FREE accommodation in top hotels
- FREE trips to Royal Palace, Great Wall and 'bird's nest' stadium
- FREE meals and drinks

Just look out for the numbers on our planning applications which we'll publish each week on the UK Planning website. Then all you have to do is tick them off! Simple!!! So, whaddya waiting for????? Play Beijingo today!!!!!!

Terms and conditions apply. No purchase necessary.


PJK said...

Ummmmmmm . . . if we win but don't have a passport, can we have the cash equivalent instead ??? Please ???!!

Anonymous said...

Of course, you won't be able to say how pleased you are to win Beijingo on the UK planning website because comments have been switched off beside Thanet applications

Anonymous said...

Why does someone always want to spoil our fun? Or is there no one in the planning dept brave enough to answer the comments?

Anonymous said...

I think this is a bit like the £1,000,000 bingo run by the Mirror when Maxwell was the owner.

Anonymous said...

You can only go if you change your name from Sandy Beach to Morris (minor) beach?

Lucy Mail said...

Being a woman, it's possible for me to play more than one card at a time.
Is that allowed?
I really could do with a holiday, even if it is to the smelliest place on Earth (possible exception of Minnis Bay).

Ken Gregory said...

Ask and you may get an answer?3 58

Tony Beachcomber said...

I often wonder if there are adverts on chinese telly by HSBC highlighting the meaning and misunderstanding of foreign customs like we get on our telly over here. If so, I wonder what ad HSBC would run on chinese telly regarding customs in thanet so the chinese don't get the wrong meaning, things like your round mate, whos in the chair, whos dropped their handbag.

Anonymous said...

Tony, like who is picking up the bill for this?

Tony Beachcomber said...

Yes, but they may think it means giving the police a lift in the car.

Anonymous said...

Word is there's some arses doing sixpences and half crowns and not just Levver Pinnie Bill over a sad old barrer of a steam tug. I kid you not I am talking the main honchos on the council. Only including Thinks he's handy Sandy in the optic and his full range of mixers.

I fink it all started wiv allotment fences and a geezer calls hisself Biggles. Well no sooner has he given the horticultural fencing genre a rest than he is on about water supplies. Which got you thinking well well well right ? Well wrong ? And I am talking well wrong. Turns out Biggles Geezer is a catalyst converter.

Taking in all the foul exhaust from the council. Only spouts out what is cleaner than clean for our consumption and expects us to believe they aint no pollutants stuck up his own jacksie see wot I mean.

Wot a f-cking laugh though.

Keep finking if the Biggles geezer, environment environment etcetera, uses Tesco plastic bags could get on ripping the piss.

Biggles ! Re-use the f-cking bag like. Come round here only using a non biodegradable plastic bag the once. Shop someone else and re-use the same f-cking bag. You know it makes good carbon footprint sense.

Now I got a raging Ramsgate First on and I am not talking lonely on the townhall steps. I am talking tonsils in need of some Shepherd and Neame consolation. Happy families time ... come here Master Brew !

Anonymous said...

Stand by for Bishops Finger quip incoming

Anonymous said...

How about an "Ask Ken" sticky on Village Voices then ?

Anonymous said...

Bingomaster, I have a full house!

As a prize can I revive an age old planning application and build a strange looking house in a cul-de-sac with no questions asked?

Or maybe, get planning permission for a huge industrial state that may poison thousands of people's water supply and blight the landscape for ever?!!!???

Thanet's roving reporter said...

I rang my friend in Wigan last night and she had never heard about the proposed Chinese Textile City - but she's going to keep an eye out for it in the papers from now on! Strange how the area in Wigan designated for this clone of Thanet's Chinese Project is also called Westwood!They are also proposing to build a Chinese temple as a tourist attraction - come to think of it a Chinese Pagoda would look quite good down on the seafront next to Droit House don't you think?

Anonymous said...


No sign of the planning application though. Perhaps Local opposition was too strong?

Ken Gregory said...

Richard, I suppose I cannot play, as It may be presumed that I had insider info?

Eastcliff Richard said...

Er, probably sensible Ken. BTW, would you care to see what I have in my Tesco bag?

Ahem. Moving on, here's what CGP say on their website about Wigan:

Westwood Park in Wigan provides an opportunity to create an exciting and high quality business park that will both attract investment and generate high quality job opportunities.

The site covers an area of 44 hectares, less than a mile from Wigan town centre and less than 2 miles from junction 25 of the M6.

A limited amount of development has already occurred on the site. A major financial organisation has a 60,000 sq ft contact centre, with adjacent development land. Wigan Council also has two recently completed 25,000 sq ft office buildings.

The park is aiming for high environmental standards and a quality working environment, with provision for a variety of building type and user.

An integral part of the Westwood Park development is the buildings within the site. The buildings will represent the core values of the park, portraying sustainable technology used sympathetically, particularly in an environmentally sensitive area. Three distinctive building styles are proposed for the landmark areas, with a more contemporary building for the less sensitive plots.

A comprehensive rail network serves Wigan. The West-Coast Mainline runs adjacent to Westwood Park, which connects up to the wider regional area, running from London to Scotland.

Vehicular access is from the north of the site. A comprehensive reworking of the road layout has enabled improved traffic flow and access. This is coupled with readily available space for expansion and possible connection to the proposed A5225 link road.

Ken Gregory said...


If it were a Harrods bag I would be more inquisitive. Never mind I am sure you will expose all in the fulness of time. I wait with baited breath.

Anonymous said...

Has any one considered that the only reason the Chinese want to invest in Thanet is that they Googled Westwood, and got the wrong one? It is well known that the chinese custom is to avoid loosing face.

Eastcliff Richard said...

And while we're at it, how many people have been directed by their satnav to Ebbsfleet only to find their Eurostar station has turned into a golf range?

steve said...

in cgp's annual reports is goes into a bit more detail;
"cgp....entered into non binding heads terms with Chinamex and the Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council for Chinamex Gateway....""On 21st Feb 2008, the council cabinet insructed its officers to enter into a contract for sale if the site".

Sound familiar?