Saturday, August 30, 2008

Touched By Your Presents, Dear

With my 29th birthday only a couple of days away the glitterati are already assembling here at the old cliff top mansion for a weekend of fun and frolics! And the presents are pouring in! I got this, er, moral compass from my old chum the Archbish:

And JG popped round, as ever generosity personified:

So I'll be hors de combat for a few days. Shame really, as I'd lined up a few corkers for you, viz:

- District Auditor raps Wigan Council for bending the rules in their haste to grant CGP planning permission for their oop north Chinese business park
- CGP posts £7.8m loss for the six months to May 31, up from £445,000 a year ago
- Why flights from 'convenient' RAF London Kent Ramsgate Manston International Airport end up in a minibus trip from Gatwick
- 'Disillusioned' local Tory councillor set to relocate to Panama. With or without canoe.

Ah well, they'll just have to wait. The Krug is chilling, the Beluga is in the fridge and the pool looks oh-so-inviting. I just hope Barrymore doesn't gatecrash the party again this year!


Anonymous said...

This is good. This is very good. Chinagate looks more and more unlikely to happen.

Anonymous said...

We want the District Auditor.
We want the District Auditor.

Anonymous said...

Disillusioned councillor is going to give it some time to see how he likes Panama so won't be resigning his seat yet. Wonder if pressure's been put on him not to cause a by-election?

Anonymous said...

JG - Jimmy Godden came to your birthday party?

Anonymous said...

DA = duck's *rse

PJK said...

29 ? AGAIN ? How many times is that, then ??!! :o)

Anonymous said...

I hope TDC Councillors read the Wigan News; it seems that Cabinets bending over forwards for CGP and ignoring the due democratic process is not just confined to Thanet.

How has CGP with one employee; a £28.5 million loan at LIBOR +2% to purchase land at Manston etc and with fixed assets of only £9,000 and no previous track record as a developer since forming itself in 2006, managed to kid TDC and Wigan and most importantly Chinamex that they are a serious firm to do business with? ING (a huge experienced International company) is working with Chinamex at Schipol in Holland. CGP looks increasingly like a speculative set-up relying on obtaining planning permissions; that's what they say their forte is so that should not surprise us really.

Anonymous said...

Probably egged on by their pals from SPF Ventures?

Anonymous said...

Labour has 25,000 reasons to get this venture (of CGP) in place and TDC has 12,500 reasons to do the same.

Well back to the Pimms before the storm breaks and it looks like some very dark clouds on the Horizon come October the 9/10/11th?

Anonymous said...

Well at least there appears to be

one chap eminently qualified, with all the right contacts and experience, to judge Thanet William Hayton complaint related issues currently headed his way

Ex Military Brigadier, Ex Northern Ireland Office, Special Branch liaison and a Chartered Engineer.

And he sits on Kent Police Authority Standards Board. Coincidence of course like the ex Chief constable, to whom Rick reported in a sabotage case, sitting on the Rosemary Nelson Judicial Inquiry tribunal ?

It appears that this eminent man on KPA Standards may not be at all unhelpful to Rick's cause ?

Maybe Rick has bigger fish to fry than Bill Hayton ....

Anonymous said...

A 29 year old man and yet you sound like a dried up old neurotic gopippy lady.

If you are under 67 and not an old crone I think what you really need is to get a life. Failing that maybe you could go out with a pocket full of krptonite and some condoms - enjoy some sex, drugs and music and forget all this dreary minutae of pointless goings on in nowhereville. Leave this drivel to burned out old councillors, they love it.

If you meet me at the Belgian Bar at 9.30 I'll find you some hot little piece of arse to take you mind of dreary thanet pseudopoltical dullards.

Anonymous said...

Barrymore gatecrashing your party? I'd make sure I put someone on the back-door.

Eastcliff Richard said...

Well, er, thanks for all the birthday wishes there.