Saturday, August 02, 2008

Technical Hitch

Thanks to all the readers who've emailed this morning to say they couldn't access my drivelly jottings. I'm indebted to Tony Flaig at Bignews Margate for finding a technical fix - according to yer man with the hot dog on Margate seafront the counterstateromeriser most of us bloggers use currently has incompatibility problems with Internet Explorer 7. Whatever that means. Anyway, I've removed it, so you should now be seeing me in glorious technicolor!

One or two of you seemed concerned that I'd been 'got at' again, but no. That'll probably be next week.

Update: Apparently this bug has now been fixed, so I've reinstated my counterstateromeriser thingo. However, if anyone is still encountering problems accessing the Isle of Thanet's premier blog using Internet Explorer, do email me at


Anonymous said...

Phew! Can't do without my daily fix of ECR. After two triews i was already suffering from withdrawal symptoms.

Eastcliff Richard said...

I should be flogging it on the streets for ten quid a pop!

Nethercourt said...


Eastcliff Richard said...

Oh, alright Nethers, for you, a fiver!